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    Tag: screw feeder

    What is a Screw feeder?

    A screw feeder is a mechanism that uses a rotating screw blade, usually inside a tube, to move liquid or granular materials. They are used in many bulk handling industries. Screw conveyors in modern industry are often used horizontally or slightly inclined as an efficient way to convey semi-solid materials including food waste, wood chips, aggregates, grains, animal feed, boiler ash, meat and bone meal, municipal solid waste, and Many others. Screw conveyors can move material horizontally inclined or vertically. They are used for feeding, dispensing, collecting or mixing, and can be equipped with heating or cooling when transferring using appropriate covers and gaskets, they are easily dust or weatherproof and rodent proof.

    What are Features of Screw Feeder?

    The screw feeder plays an important role in production and life. Today, we will introduce its structural characteristics and main features of the screw feeder. We hope that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of screw feeders.