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    Difference Between a Soldering Iron and a Soldering Station

    Soldering stations and soldering irons are common tools in soldering operations. In fact, the soldering station is also a kind of electric soldering iron. Many people call the soldering station an electric soldering iron. The soldering station is just a new welding tool that appears in the electronic welding process due to the development requirements of welding technology. Now the soldering station has developed a lot.

    Soldering Station Basics: Finctions, Advantages and Differences

    A soldering station, a hand tool commonly used in electronic soldering processes, welds two pieces of work by applying heat to the solder (usually referred to as tin wire), causing it to melt. Today, we are going to introduce the functions, precautions, advantages of soldering station and the differences between soldering station and electric soldering iron. We hope that after reading this article, you can have a general idea about soldering station.

    Soldering Station Price List

    A soldering station is a hand tool commonly used in the electronic soldering process. The two workpieces are welded by heating the solder (usually referred to as tin wire) to melt it. The soldering station has a wide range of uses. From common electronic home appliance repairs to electronic integrated circuits and chips, it will be applied to the soldering station as a welding tool, but it is most commonly used for soldering of PCB circuit boards in electronics factories.