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    Soldering Station Basics: Finctions, Advantages and Differences

    A soldering station, a hand tool commonly used in electronic soldering processes, welds two pieces of work by applying heat to the solder (usually referred to as tin wire), causing it to melt. Today, we are going to introduce the functions, precautions, advantages of soldering station and the differences between soldering station and electric soldering iron. We hope that after reading this article, you can have a general idea about soldering station.

    To protect the environment, leaded solder wire has been banned, which raises the soldering temperature. Because lead-free tin wire has a higher melting point than lead tin wire. This method has higher requirements on the temperature compensation of the soldering station. The heating and temperature recovery speed is an important indicator to determine the production efficiency, so choosing a good soldering station depends on its temperature control ability. This is the huge gap with traditional soldering irons.

    There are many ways to control temperature. But the simplest one is adjustable power control, where the soldering station quickly transfers heat to the piece work through the soldering iron to control the temperature. Another method is to use a thermostat to control the temperature by turning the power on or off. There is also a more advanced solution, which uses an integrated chip to detect the temperature of the soldering iron tip, and then adjusts the power of the thermostat to control the temperature. When the temperature of the soldering iron tip is lower than the set temperature, the host is turned on, and the power is supplied to the thermostat to heat up. When the temperature of the soldering iron tip is higher than the preset temperature, the host is turned off and stops heating.Soldering station

    Functions of the soldering station

    Anti-static function: It is mainly to prevent the precision chip welding from being broken down by static electricity.

    Sleep function: Save energy and prolong the life of the soldering iron tip.

    Digital display temperature: easy to adjust.

    Password lock temperature: Prevent workers from changing temperature settings arbitrarily.


    In essence, the soldering station is also a kind of electric soldering iron. It is only a new welding tool that appeared in the development of electronic welding due to the development requirements of welding technology. Therefore, many people still call the soldering station an electric soldering iron. The soldering station has been greatly developed, and the function has been greatly developed!

    • The soldering station has a power switch, which is turned on when it is used and turned off when not in use. It's as simple as turning on the TV, as simple as turning on and off the lights.
    • There are indicator lights. If you forget to turn off the soldering station, from a few meters away, you can see at a glance whether the soldering station is still working.
    • With constant temperature and temperature adjustment functions, the soldering iron head is not easy to burn and has a long life.
    • The temperature return is relatively fast. There is no problem disassembling and welding the electrolytic capacitor on the computer motherboard. A welding station, can be used as 30W soldering iron, can also be used as 60W soldering iron.

    Constant temperature soldering station VS Electric soldering iron

    • Compared with the efficiency, the efficiency of the constant temperature soldering station is relatively high, the thermal efficiency can reach about 80%.
    • Compared with energy consumption, the energy consumption of the constant temperature soldering station is relatively low, because when the temperature is adjusted, it will not be heated, and the corresponding energy consumption is lower, that is to say, the same welding effect, the soldering station consumes less electricity
    • Compared with the temperature recovery, the temperature recovery speed of the soldering station is faster, and the corresponding workers have higher work efficiency.
    • Compared with the life of consumables, the temperature of the soldering station is controlled and will not increase infinitely, so the life of the soldering iron tip and the life of the heating core are higher
    • Safety comparison, the handle voltage of the soldering station is only 24 volts AC, which is a safe voltage, and generally there will be no electric shock.
    • Compared with anti-static, the soldering station has the function of removing static electricity, but the electric soldering iron generally does not.
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