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    Soldering Station Price List

    A soldering station is a hand tool commonly used in the electronic soldering process. The two workpieces are welded by heating the solder (usually referred to as tin wire) to melt it. The soldering station has a wide range of uses. From common electronic home appliance repairs to electronic integrated circuits and chips, it will be applied to the soldering station as a welding tool, but it is most commonly used for soldering of PCB circuit boards in electronics factories.

    ATO high-frequency lead-free soldering stations generally use high-frequency eddy current heating and metal heating cores. This high-frequency soldering station is generally divided into two types: switching power supply and transformer. The heating and returning speed is fast to achieve lead-free soldering.
    Soldering station

    ATO soldering station price list
    We've listed some soldering station models for your reference, they all at great prices. For more infomation, please go to the soldering station products page.

    Name SKU Price Max Power
    50W Digital Soldering Station ATO-SS-950D $109.82 50W
    65W Soldering Station ATO-SS-936 $186.79 65W
    70W Digital Soldering Iron Station ATO-SS-942A $218.36 70W
    90W Digital Soldering Station ATO-SS-2000A $245.16 90W
    120W Digital Soldering Station ATO-SS-3500 $347.53 120W
    150W Digital Soldering Station ATO-SS-3600 $544.61 150W

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please contact us now. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table.

    There are many ways to control the temperature, but the simplest one is adjustable power control. The soldering station uses a soldering iron to quickly transfer heat to the workpiece to control the temperature. Another method is to use a thermostat to control the temperature by turning the power on or off. There is also a more advanced solution, which uses an integrated chip to detect the temperature of the soldering iron tip, and then adjusts the power of the thermostat to control the temperature. When the temperature of the soldering iron head is lower than the set temperature, the host is turned on, and the power is supplied to the thermostat. When the temperature of the soldering iron head is higher than the preset temperature, the host is turned off and the heating is stopped.

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