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    Difference Between a Soldering Iron and a Soldering Station

    Soldering stations and soldering irons are common tools in soldering operations. In fact, the soldering station is also a kind of electric soldering iron. Many people call the soldering station an electric soldering iron. The soldering station is just a new welding tool that appears in the electronic welding process due to the development requirements of welding technology. Now the soldering station has developed a lot.

    Soldering station vs. electric soldering iron70W digital soldering iron station

    • Efficiency: The soldering station has a power switch that is turned on when in use and turned off when not in use. It's as simple as turning on the TV or turning the lights on and off. The efficiency of the constant temperature soldering station is relatively high, the thermal efficiency can reach about 80%, and the electric soldering iron can generally reach 50%.
    • Indicator light. The soldering station has an indicator light. If the soldering station forgot to turn off, at a distance of a few meters, you can see at a glance whether the soldering station is still working.
    • Energy consumption: The energy consumption of the constant temperature soldering station is relatively low because it does not need to be heated when the adjusted temperature is reached. That is to say, the welding effect is the same, but the welding station consumes less electricity.
    • Rewarming: The reheating speed of the soldering station is faster, and the corresponding worker's work efficiency is higher.
    • Service life: After the temperature of the soldering station is controlled, it will not increase infinitely, so the service life of the soldering iron head and the heating core is relatively high.
    • Safety: The handle voltage of the soldering station is only 24 volts AC, which is a safe voltage. Generally, the electric shock will not occur.
    • Anti-static: The soldering station has the function of preventing static electricity, but the soldering iron generally does not.

    The ATO low price soldering station is suitable for beginners and hobbyists, and anyone can use it well. The soldering station welding handle is smaller and more comfortable to operate. The soldering station can be anti-static, and can also quickly heat up to a constant temperature. The soldering iron head is heated by high-frequency induction without heat conduction. It is basically ready to use without waiting, and it can work efficiently. 50W~150W soldering stations are available, you can set clear digital display, high-quality coil, enlarge transformer, and complete welding quickly.

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