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    How to Choose Flexible Diaphragm Coupling?

    What is a flexible diaphragm coupling?

    The flexible diaphragm coupling is composed of several groups of diaphragms (stainless steel thin plates) connected with the two halves of the coupling by bolts alternately. Each group of diaphragms is formed by stacking several pieces. The relative displacement of the two shafts is a high-performance metal elastic element flexible coupling.

    How to choose the type of diaphragm flexible coupling

    Understand the comprehensive functions of flexible diaphragm couplings (especially flexible elastic diaphragm couplings) in the transmission system, consider the overall design of the transmission system, select the types of elastic diaphragm couplings, according to the type of prime mover and working load Type, working speed, transmission accuracy, two-axis offset, temperature, humidity, working environment and other comprehensive factors to select the variety of elastic diaphragm coupling. Select the structural type of the elastic diaphragm coupling according to the needs of the supporting host. When the elastic diaphragm coupling is used in combination with the brake, the elastic diaphragm coupling with brake wheel or brake disc type should be selected; overloading is required. When protecting, the safety elastic diaphragm coupling should be selected; when connecting with the flange, the flange type should be selected; when the long-distance transmission and the axial dimension of the connection are large, the intermediate shaft type or the intermediate sleeve type should be selected.

    flexible shaft coupling

    Flexible Diaphragm Coupling Torque Calculation Method

    The power of the power machine in the transmission system should be greater than the power required by the workpiece machine. According to the power and speed of the power machine, the theoretical short moment T of the high-speed end connected with the power machine can be calculated; according to the I-condition coefficient K and other related coefficients, the calculated torque Tc of the elastic diaphragm coupling can be calculated. The elastic diaphragm coupling T is inversely proportional to n, so the low-speed end T is greater than the high-speed end T.

    Preliminary selection of flexible diaphragm coupling models

    According to the calculated torque Tc, the similar nominal torque Tn can be selected from the standard series, and the selection should satisfy Tn≥Tc. The model (specification) of the elastic diaphragm coupling is preliminarily selected, and the allowable rotational speed [n], the large radial dimension D, and the axial dimension L0 of the elastic diaphragm coupling can be found from the standard, which can satisfy the elastic diaphragm piece coupling speed n≤[n].

    Adjust the model according to the shaft diameter

    The initially selected connection size of the flexible diaphragm coupling, that is, the shaft hole diameter d and the shaft hole length L, should meet the requirements of the shaft diameter of the main and driven ends, and the elastic diaphragm coupling should be adjusted according to the shaft diameter d specifications. It is a common phenomenon that the shaft diameter of the main shaft and the driven end are different. When the torque and speed are the same, and the shaft diameter of the main shaft and the driven end are different, the elastic diaphragm coupling model should be selected according to the large shaft diameter.

    Shaft couplings can be mainly divided into 2 types, flxible couplings and rigid couplings, ATO sells diaphragm couplings and rigid couplings at favorable prices, and a variety of sizes are available.

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