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    How to Choose Impact Wrenches?

    Impact wrench is a kind of torque wrench with high-pressure air pump as the power source. It is driven by one or two powerful air motors to drive a torque multiplier with three or more turnover gears. The torque is controlled by adjusting the gas pressure. To allow for specific torque settings, each tool is equipped with a special air pressure first against torque comparison chart and calibration report. For further applications, the impact wrench can be equipped with a torque sensor for more accurate torque output. The air supply can be shut off manually or automatically after the required torque has been obtained using a suitable circuit system.

    • Applications

    Impact wrenches are widely used in many industries, such as coal mines, auto repair, heavy equipment repair, etc., product assembly (often called "pulse tools" and designed for precise torque output), major construction projects, and any other place where high torque output is needed

    By the way, impact wrenches are generally not suitable for fastening installations where the body of the fastening device is ceramic or plastic; a variety of standard ratchet socket drive sizes are available, generally for assembly and disassembly of small 1/4" to 3.5" drive tool sets.

    brushless cordless impact wrench
    Product ATO-VT503
    Maximum Torque 360Nm
    Impact Frequency 1600/2600/3500 IPM
    Gross Weight 3.0kg (1 battery included)
    Product Size 255*160*60mm
    • How to choose impact wrenches?
    1. Good quality - ATO brushless cordless impact wrench is a hand-held rotary pneumatic tool that allows precise torque setting for the locking or removal of nuts and bolts; the control part is achieved by means of a regulator and power management system, and the mechanical part by means of a planetary gear reduction mechanism.
    2. The operation is quiet - less than 85dB(A), with absolutely no shock effect, reducing damage to the tool, the socket and the locked object, these factors that allow the person using the tool to operate fell comfortably, reduce fatigue and improve safety.
    3. Offer precise torque control - With the advantages of small size, light weight, high output power per unit weight, large torque output, low reaction force, low environmental pollution and low cost, impact wrenches are widely used in many fields such as aerospace, mining, petrochemical, railroad, construction, heavy vehicle assembly and maintenance, heavy equipment loading and unloading, etc. Especially, they are widely used in product production and assembly lines, especially in the occasions where large torque is required.


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