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    How to Maintain Impact Wrenches?

    Impact wrenches play an important role in assembly or repair, and are widely used in many industries, such as automotive repair, heavy equipment repair, product assembly, major construction projects, installation of steel wire bushings, and any other place where high torque output is needed to help us solve some operation problems with high power output.

    Impact wrench principle can be said to be "accomplish a great task with little effort by clever maneuvers", so it is commonly recognized and used in large-scale assembly and maintenance. However, impact wrenches are tools after all, and after long working hours or regular use, they will be damaged to different degrees, which requires us to have professional knowledge of repair and maintenance of wrenches.

    impact wrench

    Impact wrench maintain method

    1. Check before use and have a person in charge.
    2. If you find missing parts and damaged parts, repair them in time, otherwise they cannot be used.
    3. The sleeve head is not completely set in the nut (screw slot), it is strictly prohibited to press the switch.
    4. The sleeve coupling must be coupled with special pins and sealed with rubber rings(Screwdriver snap type).
    5. It is forbidden to load and unload the impact wrench sleeve with wind (without closing the air valve) and clean the impact wrench with wind.
    6. Without the permission of the person in charge of various equipment, no one is allowed to start or send wind without permission.
    7. All kinds of equipment should be cleaned and stored properly by setting off the quick coupling after use.
    8. When using, do not overload and do not idle at high speed to prevent premature mechanical wear.
    9. Each shift must be injected from the inner hole of the receiver 3 to 4 times with lubricating oil, available in summer with No. 20 oil, and in winter with No. 10 oil.
    10. In use, such as the discovery of secondary impact, should immediately stop to check, forbidden in the field (not clean place) disassembly, should be sent to the repair department in time to overhaul.
    11. The impact wrench such as cordless electric impact wrench is a relatively delicate tool, so it should be taken lightly and should not be collided or dropped to the ground.
    12. The accuracy and sensitivity of the wrench should be calibrated regularly.
    13. When the wrench is finished using, wipe it clean with cotton yarn and put it into the stand.

    Usual maintenance

    Every 15 minutes to add a impact oil, and add a few drops of impact oil into a few turns before the shutdown to keep the impact oil in the internal good.

    If the impact wrench is routinely dismantled for maintenance and cleaning, use descaling oil, diesel oil, impact oil, etc. It should be noted that after washing, wipe over with a clean cloth, the strike group should be reapplied with proper grease (oil bath type should be added with new oil), and the motor group should add impact oil into the idle for a few seconds after the whole machine is installed before testing, and add a few drops into the idle for two or three seconds after the test, so that a small amount of oil can be kept in inside.

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