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    How to Maintain Motor Slip Ring?

    Motor slip rings, also known as conductive slip rings and collector rings, are electrical components responsible for connecting and carrying current and signals for rotating bodies and are usually installed in the center of rotation of equipment. Once the motor slip ring is worn, it is very troublesome to maintain. Let's look at the specific maintain methods in one case.

    Causes of motor slip ring wear

    According to the way slip rings work, we can know that slip rings belong to sliding contact, and the contact surface of the slip ring with other objects is the first to wear during the sliding process. The wear rate of the slip ring plays a decisive role in its service life. After a large number of tests, it is concluded that the lower the wear level of the slip ring, the longer the service life. From a large amount of data, we know that the wear resistance of slip rings produced from different raw materials is different. The strength, coefficient of friction, and current density of the raw material used to manufacture the slip ring have a great influence on the wear of the slip ring during operation.

    ato slip ring

    When the slip ring is in contact with other objects, the higher the pressure, the higher the friction will be, resulting in high wear of the slip ring. However, if the contact pressure on the slip ring is too small, the resistance will increase instantly when the slip ring contacts the contact surface, and sparks will occur in severe cases, which will also cause slip ring wear. Therefore, the wear rate of the slip ring is determined by the nature of the manufacturing material. Slip ring production materials and production processes through the standard in order to produce slip rings can reduce the impact of wear at work.

    Maintenance of motor slip ring

    The maintain method that some people think of is to disassemble the slip ring and send it to a specialized restoration plant for maintenance. Since the slip ring is heavy equipment connected with the motor spindle, it takes a lot of manpower to disassemble and install the slip ring, and it takes a lot of time and cost to send the slip ring to a special maintain plant for maintenance.

    By the way, the most direct way to solve the motor slip ring damage is to replace the same type of slip ring, if you can not buy can also be used to wrap copper wire slip ring wear position, winding higher than the slip ring after the gap with solder to fill the winding copper wire, in the lathe to the excess copper wire and solder car processing into the same height as the original can be, this method is not to replace the long life, but also can be used for a period of time.

    Precautionary measures

    slip ring

    In order to prevent the occurrence of accidents, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

    1. Before the unit is put into operation after a period of shutdown, the surface finish of the slip ring must be checked to prevent the generation of oxidation layer (especially in areas with high air humidity), and the surface of the slip ring should be carefully cleaned, especially the cooling hole of the slip ring should also be carefully cleaned.
    2. During the operation of the unit, the operation of the generator rotor should be inspected carefully, and if sparks are found between the slip ring and carbon brush, the cause of the sparks should be clarified and dealt with as soon as possible. During the operation of the unit, under the premise of ensuring safety, the carbon brush current distribution density should be tested and analyzed to see if it has changed, and if necessary, a shutdown should be arranged as soon as possible.
    3. Due to the high humidity of the air, oxidation of the slip ring surface is easy to occur. When the unit is shut down each time, anti-oxidation treatment should be applied to the slip ring surface, and it is recommended to apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the slip ring surface and wrap it with plastic cling film. Before the unit starts, it should be noted that the anti-oxidation layer must be cleaned up.
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