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    How to Choose Slip Ring?

    A pneumatic slip ring is a common slip ring in people's daily life, which is mainly used to transmit energy and signals. Different users have different requirements when choosing pneumatic conductive slip rings. Due to the influence of the working environment, working conditions, installation methods, and usage methods, only by understanding the user's requirements for the product, can a suitable pneumatic conductive slip ring be selected. So, what factors should be considered in the purchase process?

    Size structure

    Before choosing a suitable slip ring, it is necessary to carefully check the working environment, and form clear and accurate size or style requirements for the required type of slip ring, otherwise, it will fail to install, or it will be stuck and unable to rotate after installation. Of course, the maintenance cost in the future must also be considered. The service life of different slip rings varies from millions to hundreds of millions of revolutions. The ideal service life of the entire mechanical system depends to a certain extent on the process and materials used. Under the influence of the market economy, the technology and materials used in the expensive conductive slip rings are guaranteed to a certain extent, and the service life is also long.

    Electrical slip ring

    Mechanical parameters

    Considerations of operating speed, operating temperature, contact materials, humidity, torque, etc. are also very important. For example, in a high-speed environment, due to the large amount of heat generated by high-speed friction, the contact established in a small space will easily lead to deformation or wear of the brush, resulting in failure. Another example is humidity. Humidity plays an important role in the insulation of mechanical resistance. The process of strengthening the insulation protection of slip rings in a humid environment will definitely prevent accidents.

    Electrical parameters

    This part of determining the electrical parameters is relatively simple for the user or the machinery manufacturer. What kind of performance theĀ slip ring needs to achieve in a certain part is reflected in the mechanical prototype design, how many loops are needed, the current and voltage values, the conduction Signal type, etc. A slip ring is fundamentally a transmission function of current/signal, etc. It does not need to be turned on and does not need a slip ring.

    Working Voltage Requirements

    The working voltage requirement is because many times the pneumatic slip ring needs to work in a high-voltage environment. If the insulation of the slip ring is not good, it will not only affect the use function of the product but also seriously endanger the life safety of the operator. For the consideration of people's personal safety, when choosing a pneumatic conductive slip ring, it is necessary to understand its production design. Anyone who understands the structural design of slip rings knows that in the process of designing slip rings by slip ring manufacturers, there are also stringent standards for the creation of the clearance and creepage distance of different slip rings according to the operating voltage environment, especially in the working environment with a voltage level above 6000. When choosing a pneumatic conductive slip ring, its electrical clearance and creepage distance must not know the line exceeding the specified value, otherwise, it is easy to cause safety accidents during use.

    Work environment elements

    Generally speaking, the working environment that needs to be considered when choosing a pneumatic slip ring is mainly pH requirements. This is mainly because an environment that is too acidic or too alkaline makes the metal prone to rust and corrosion. Therefore, if it is in a too-acid or too-alkaline environment, the pneumatic conductive slip ring used in the machine must choose acid and alkali-resistant materials. In the working environment requirements of the slip ring, in addition to the pH value, the humidity in the environment is also a problem that needs to be considered. If the working environment of the pneumatic slip ring is too humid and dark, it is necessary to choose an aluminum alloy material or stainless steel material with a protection level of IP65 or higher and choose an electroplated product on the metal surface of the slip ring. Only in this way can it be effectively avoided. v Metal parts in the slip ring are oxidized and corroded.

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