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    How to Use a Color Sensor?

    Whether it is medicine, cosmetics, food or daily necessities, our daily encounter products are inseparable from packaging. The label materials and colors used in packaging are different. Whether it can quickly and accurately identify the subtle grayscale differences between the label and the background, and conduct accurate positioning detection, largely reflects the level of automatic packaging and affects the efficiency of production. Color standard sensors are widely used in this process.

    How to use a color sensor for color detection?

    Color sensor

    Color sensor has a total of four lines, the brown line is connected to 24V, the blue line is connected to 0V, the white line is normally closed signal output, the black line is normally open signal output.

    Color sensor after power on

    After theĀ color sensor is powered on, a green light will be emitted through the lens, and the light-colored plane will gradually approach the light source. When the set distance is reached, the sensor signal output will be triggered. When the dark block is moved to the light source of the sensor, it can be found that the trigger of the sensor is relieved. We can also adjust the sensitivity through a knob.

    To learn how to operate the color sensor in detail, please watch the video:

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