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    Humidity Sensor in 5 Fields

    Humidity sensor is widely applied in many fields, particularly in the fields that record the temperature and humidity changes in real time. The temperature and humidity sensor can scientifically and effectively manage, analyze and summarize the recorded contents.

    Application in the management of museum cultural relics and archivesATO temperature and humidity sensor
    It's another area for the application of temperature and humidity sensors. The archive papers can be kept for a longer time at a suitable temperature and humidity condition, once the temperature and humidity condition is changed, the paper will be crisp, important materials will also be lost. So it's necessary to record the temperature and humidity of the archives, prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents. Application of temperature and humidity sensors simplifies the temperature and humidity record, saves the cost of cultural relics preservation and makes the work more scientific, prevents it from being disturbed by too much human factors.

    Application in the vaccine and cold chain industries
    During the cold chain storage and transportation process of vaccine and other biological products from delivery of product warehouse in pharmaceutical factory to be used in the public, the quality can be guaranteed by monitoring its environmental temperature, so as to ensure the immunization effect. The temperature and humidity sensor solves this problem conveniently and reliably.
    To ensure the safety of bacteria and vaccines during storage and transportation, the environmental temperature during storage and transportation must be recorded. Moreover, the inspection and record shall be automatic without any human factors, so as to improve the reliability of data. The high quality and high precision temperature and humidity sensor can fulfill this function perfectly, because it can record long time without external power supply.

    Application in the building materials experiment
    In the drying of building materials, especially the concrete, data can be recorded by the temperature and humidity sensor and then provided to the researchers, so as to provide useful help for the construction. Particularly, in the military construction, time is life, accurately controlling the drying time of concrete could provide a guarantee for effectively transporting effective force to the battlefield. This function can be completed by the temperature and humidity sensors.

    temperature and humidity sensorApplication in agriculture and animal husbandry
    In the production process of agriculture and animal husbandry, temperature and humidity shall be recorded in detail during the seedling stage. For example, determining the relationship between the growth characteristics of some seedlings and temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity sensors can be used to collected and recorded relevant data. Certainly, not every seedling needs to be monitored for temperature, after all forestry is a relatively rough production model.

    Application in food storage and transportation
    Duration of food storage and transportation is not a short-term problem, equilibrium relative humidity in food preservation is an important index to ensure food safety because the equilibrium relative humidity directly affects the growth of colonies. On this basis, the temperature and humidity sensors can be used to monitor the temperature and humidity changes in real time, so as to ensure food are safely transported to the consumers.

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