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    Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Price List

    Industrial vacuum cleaner is used in industrial production to collect waste on the floor, filter and purify air, and clean up production environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners provide efficient and safe cleaning assistance for industrial vacuum dust extraction system and are widely used in various fields such as chemical industry, machinery, foundry, medicine, textile and so on. ATO offers best industrial vacuum cleaner, including single-phase/three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, continuous duty industrial vacuum dust extractor, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner with double dust canister. If you want more detailed product information, please check the industrial vacuum cleaner catalog or contact us. Here is the industrial vacuum cleaner price list for your reference.

    ATO Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Price List

    Product Name SKU Number of Motors Price ($)
    Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA, Upright, Single Phase ATO-IVC-213 1 2,469.23  
    2 4,130.77
    3 6,658.46
    Product Name SKU Filter Cleaning Mode Price ($)
    Double Dust Canister Industrial Vacuum Cleaner ATO-IVC-T52 Jet pulse filter cleaning 5,061.54
    Automatic self-cleaning 5,349.23
    Product Name SKU Filter Cleaning Mode Power (kw) Price ($)
    Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractor ATO-IVC-213 Jet pulse filter cleaning 3.6 3,607.69
    5.5 8,956.92
    7.5 9,333.84
    Automatic self-cleaning 3.6 4,007.69
    5.5 9,641.54
    7.5 9,963.07
    Product Name SKU Filter Cleaning Mode Power (kw) Price ($)
    Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, High Power ATO-IVC-9123 Manual filter shaker 3.0 7,144.62
    4.0 7,787.70
    5.5 8,395.39
    7.5 8,921.54
    Jet pulse filter cleaning 3.0 7,598.47
    4.0 7,998.47
    5.5 8,689.24
    7.5 9,139.70
    Automatic self-cleaning 3.0 7,949.24
    4.0 8,287.70
    5.5 9,240.27
    7.5 9,586.16
    Product Name SKU Filter Cleaning Mode Storage Basket Tank Volume (L) Price ($)
    Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Wet and Dry, 3000w ATO-IVC-S132 Jet pulse filter cleaning no 30 2,146.15
    no 65 2,280.27
    yes 60 3,753.84
    Automatic self-cleaning no 30 2,495.38
    no 65 2,629.23
    yes 60 4,184.61
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