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    How to Reduce Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Noise?

    A vacuum cleaner is a device that causes suction in order to remove dirt from floors and other surfaces. The dirt is collected by either a dust bag or a cyclone for later disposal. We've heard of workers on the factory floor dying of pneumoconiosis, and this is a reality. The harsh production workshop environment has done great harm to people's health. As events revealed,Industrial vacuum dust extractor improving the environment of production workshop area has become an important task of enterprise. Industrial vacuum cleaners can handle several hundred litres of dust. However, it will generate huge noise in use. This article will introduce several methods to reduce the noise of industrial vacuum cleaner.

    1. When the dust bucket and filter device of the industrial vacuum cleaner emit the sound of "click, click" (collision of hard objects), this situation is that the industrial vacuum cleaner has sucked in metal material particles, metal material blocks and relatively hard block objects, which may damage the filter element. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine and take out the internal foreign objects to prevent the hard objects from scratching the filter material.
    2. When the motor emits strange noise such as "click, click" or "clip-clop, clip-clop", the reason may be the deformation of the impeller and the collision of the casing, or the motor rotor of the motor touches the motor stator, the motor bearing is damaged, etc. In this case, if it is not dealt with in time, the motor may be damaged and scrapped, or even cause a fire due to frictional electrification. If this kind of noise occurs, it is necessary to suspend the operation of the machine immediately, disassemble the motor or impeller cover, check where abnormal friction and bumps occur, and then correct the components.
      The suction power of industrial vacuum cleaners is very large. Using small or inappropriate vacuum scraper or vacuum brush will not only affect the cleaning effect, but also cause the equipment to emit harsh or abnormal noises.Industrial vacuum cleaner
    3. Generally, the motor of high-power industrial vacuum cleaners will make a lot of noise, but industrial vacuum cleaners generally have muffler equipment or muffler devices for noise reduction. If the noise of the industrial vacuum cleaner suddenly increases, and there are no other fault factors, then the muffler may be faulty, it is necessary to be repaired in time.
    4. If any part of the filter device of the industrial vacuum cleaner is blocked, such as the air duct, vacuum port, vacuum pipe, filter and air vent, etc., the vacuum cleaner will emit an abnormally low sound. If it is not ventilated immediately, it will cause poor heat dissipation, heat generation or even burnout of the motor inside the equipment. Therefore, if this situation occurs, it is necessary to stop the machine to check if there is dust or foreign matter blocked, and remove the blockage.
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