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    Safe Operation of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    Industrial vacuum cleaner is a kind of supporting or cleaning equipment commonly used in industry. It can be used for industrial waste collection, air filtration and purification, and environmental cleaning. At the same time, industrial vacuum cleaners can be used together with industrial production equipment to extract dust and debris from production, so as to provide a clean working environment and guarantee the health of employees. For example, industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in the textile and chemical industries to reduce the hazards of some occupational diseases.

    • Usage Precautions for Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
    1. Industrial vacuum cleaners of different models and specifications have different structural performances and functional characteristics. Therefore, it is required to carefully read the instruction manual of industrial vacuum cleaner before operation, so as to avoid the cleaner damage or personnel injury caused by improper operation.
    2. Industrial vacuum cleaner should be used in the dry room with the altitude of no more than 1000m, good ventilation, ambient temperature of below 40℃, no flammable or corrosive gas in air, or other similar environments.
    3. Before use industrial vacuum cleaner, the hose should be properly connected to the housing suction port. The hose should be tightly screwed with the extra long nozzles and suction nozzles at the end of the nozzles, such as furniture brushes, gap nozzles and floor brushes. Because there are fewer air inlets for the gap nozzle, the noise is higher during use, so it is not suggested to operate industrial vacuum cleaner for a too long time.
    4. The ground wire should be connected to ensure the safe use of electricity. Household vacuum cleaners should not be used continuously for more than 1 hour at a time, and industrial vacuum cleaners should not be used for more than 8 hours each time. This can prevent the motor from overheating and burning. However, There is an ATO industrial vacuum cleaner can run continuously for 24 hours because it adopts the special heat dissipation system, therefore, it can be equipped with the machine tool in operation.Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
    5. When using an industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with an automatic winding device, just pull out the power cord for a sufficient length. Do not pull the power cord too long. When you see a yellow or red mark on the power cord, stop pulling it out. When you need to rewind the power cord, you can automatically retract it by pressing a button.
    6. In normal use, the industrial vacuum cleaner must not be wet, and the machine cannot be operated with wet hands. If there are large papers, paper balls, plastic cloths or something larger than the straw diameter in the place to be cleaned, they should be removed in advance, otherwise the suction pipe will be easily blocked.
    7. When using industrial vacuuming to suck liquid substances, the filter element should be removed to extend its service life.
    8. During operation of industrial vacuum cleaner, the suction control device can be adjusted appropriately according to the different occasions to be cleaned. There is a round hole in the elbow, and there is an adjustment ring on the round hole. When the adjustment ring covers the hole in the elbow, the suction force is large. When the adjustment ring exposes the hole completely, the suction force is small. Some industrial vacuum cleaners use a motor speed regulation method to adjust the suction.
    9. When there is a lot of garbage in the dust container, the dust on the filter should be eliminated at the same time as the garbage is removed, so as to maintain a good ventilation path, avoiding non-declined suction force, motor heating and service life shortening caused by the filter blockage.
    10. After using the industrial vacuum cleaner for a period of time, as too much dust accumulates on the filter belt, the suction force will decrease. At this time, you can shake the ash rack on the vacuum cleaner to restore the suction. If shaking the ash shaker still fails to restore the suction, the dust in the bucket is full and it should be removed in time.
    11. Industrial vacuum cleaner motors are mostly high-speed motors. Brushes are prone to wear after prolonged operation. In actual application, brushes of industrial vacuum cleaners should generally be replaced once a year to one and a half years (based on the daily use of half an hour per day).
    12. After using industrial vacuum cleaner, it should be stored in a dry place. If placed in an excessively humid place, it will affect the electrical insulation and service life.
    • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance
    1. Before using the industrial vacuum cleaner, it is required check and clean the dust collection bag (it should pay attention to whether the dust collection bag is damaged), the dust collection box or the bucket. If there are foreign objects or these devices are full, they should be discarded and used again.
    2. Before operation, it is required to check the power cord and plug are damaged. After operation, wind the power coil into a bundle and hang it on the hook on the top cover of the machine head.
    3. During use, pay attention that the product cannot be used continuously for too long, and it should be controlled within 2 hours as much as possible to avoid overheating the motor and affecting the life of the vacuum cleaner.
    4. During operation, if it is found that the dust is close to the full range, or there are foreign objects blocking the straw, it is required to immediately shut down and clean it before using.
    5. When using the industrial vacuum cleaner, try to stay away from water pumps or strong radiation sources, because any electrical appliance itself will have some radiation.
    6. Brushes of the industrial vacuum cleaner should also be checked frequently to check the wear of the brushes. If they are severely worn, they should be replaced in time.
    7. After operation, the dirt in the dust bag must be removed in time, and the hairs and thread shavings on the brush must be eliminated as well. It is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth containing water or neutral detergent, and then dry naturally in the sun.
    8. Long-term use will cause blockage of the filter mesh, leading to a decrease in suction. Therefore, the filters and cloth bags should be washed regularly with water, and then placed in a cool place to dry. Through this, the suction force can then be restored.
    9. The tightness of the parts of industrial vacuum cleaner should be checked regularly. The motor bearings of the vacuum cleaner should be lubricated to reduce the degree of wear on the motor, which can effectively increase the service life of the motor.
    10. The hose cannot be folded frequently, nor can it be stretched and bent excessively. If the sealing rubber pad in industrial vacuum cleaner has aged and lost its elasticity, it should be replaced with a new one in time.
    11. Try not to put the industrial vacuum cleaner in a humid or corrosive gas place. It is suggested to choose a dry and ventilated place to avoid damage to the machine.
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