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    Non-contact Infrared Thermometer vs. Contact-type Thermometer

    Infrared temperature measurement technology plays an important role in production, product quality control and monitoring, on-line fault diagnosis and safety protection, as well as energy saving. Compared with the contact-type temperature measurement method, infrared temperature measurement has the advantages of fast response time, non-contact, safe use and long service life. Non-contact infrared thermometer involves three major series of portable, on-line and scanning thermometer, with various accessories and computer software. Moreover, each series has different types and specifications. Among these thermometers with various specifications, it is very important for users to choose a correct type of infrared thermometer.

    What are the differences between a non-contact infrared thermometer and a contact-type thermometer?

    Non-contact infrared thermometer

    1. Non-contact temperature measurement has no effect on objects.
    2. The non-contact infrared thermometer detect the surface temperature of objects.
    3. Fast response, it can measure moving objects and transient temperature.
    4. Non-contact infrared thermometers have a wide measuring range.
    5. It features high measurement accuracy and small resolution.
    6. It can measure temperature on small area.
    7. Temperature measurement can be done on dot, line and surface at the same time.
    8. Measure both absolute temperature and relative temperature.

    Non-contact infrared thermometer vs a contact-type thermometer

    Contact-type thermometer

    1. Contact temperature measurement can affect the temperature field of measured objects.
    2. The contact-type thermometer is not suitable for measuring transient temperature.
    3. It is not suitable for measuring moving objects.
    4. Insufficient measuring width and consuming materials.
    5. It is not suitable for measuring dangerous occasions such as toxic or high pressure.

    From the perspective of application benefits, theĀ non-contact infrared thermometer is superior than the contact-type thermometer. Considering the cost performance, non-contact infrared thermometer is recommended. Although the price of non-contact thermometer is higher than the contact-type thermometer, the non-contact thermometer has less loss and saves manpower, material resources and financial resources.

    9/1/2020 5:54 PM
    Contact thermometers are more accurate than non-touch thermometers. I prefer contact infrared thermometers by far.
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