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    Tips for Installation and Usage of Servo Motor

    There are some notes for the users when installing and using the servo motor. Take care of servo motor and it can work better and longer.

    Oil and water resistant protection for servo motor

    1. Servo motor can be used in those places where the water or oil drop may invade, but it cannot fully resist the water or oil invasion. Therefore, servo motor should not be placed or used in water or oily environment.
    2. If the servo motor is connected with a reduction gear, it should be added oil seal before use to avoid oil in reduction gear entering servo motor.
    3. Do not soak the servo motor cable into oil or water.

    Tension reduction for servo motor cable

    1. Ensure that cable is not subjected torque or vertical load due to external bending force or its own weight, especially at cable outlet or joint.
    2. When servo motor is moving, fix the cable (just that line which is provided with motor) at a static part (use motor as reference) firmly and use an additional cable installed in cable holder for extension, which can minimize the bending tension.
    3. Make the bend radius of cable be as large as possible.

    Allowable shaft terminal load for servo motor

    1. Ensure that radial and axial load applied on servo motor shaft during installation and running is controlled within the specific value of every model.
    2. Take special care when installing the rigid coupling, especially note that excessive bending may cause damage or wear to shaft terminal and bearing.
    3. It is better to use flexible coupling, so as to make the radial load lower than allowable value. This element is specially designed for servo motor with high mechanical strength.
    4. For allowable shaft load, please refer to "Allowable Shaft Load Table" (in the instructions of servo motor).

    Installation precautions tips for servo motor

    1. When installing or removing coupling components to servo motor shaft terminal, do not use hammer to tap the shaft terminal directly. (If the shaft terminal is tapped directly by hammer, the encoder on the other terminal of servo motor shaft may be damaged.)
    2. Align the shaft terminal as much as possible (misalignment may cause vibration or damage to bearing).
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