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    Pure Sine Wave Inverter Basic Introduction

    The output waveform of the pure sine wave inverter is good, the distortion is very low, and its output waveform is basically consistent with the AC waveform of the mains grid. In fact, a good pure sine wave inverter provides a higher quality AC power than the grid.

    Pure sine wave inverter in ATO industrial automation has little interference to radio, communication equipment and precision equipment, low noise and strong load adaptability. It has high efficiency and can meet all AC load applications.

    The output of the pure sine wave power inverter is a sine wave alternating current, and there is no electromagnetic pollution in the power grid. To put it simply, a pure sine wave inverter has a wide range of applications, strong load capacity and excellent stability, and can provide the same AC power as ordinary households. It can be applied to almost any kind of electrical appliance as long as the power is satisfied.

    Pure sine wave power inverters


    • High stability: Because the system has the protection functions of over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, overheating, short circuit and reverse connection, the stability of the system is ensured.
    • LCD display: LCD can display battery voltage and output voltage and status parameters.
    • Efficient conversion: The power inverter has high inverter efficiency and low no-load loss.
    • Digital intelligent control: The core device is controlled by a powerful single-chip microcomputer, which makes the peripheral circuit structure simple, and the control method and control strategy are flexible and powerful, which ensures excellent performance and stability.
    • Optional mains switch: In the state of battery under-voltage or inverter failure, if the mains switch function is selected, the device can automatically switch the load to the mains power supply, thus ensuring the power supply stability of the system.
    • Inverter output function: After opening the "IVT SWITCH" on the front panel, the pure sine wave inverter converts the DC power of the battery into pure sine wave AC power, which is output by the “AC OUTPUT” on the rear panel.
    • Automatic voltage regulation: When the battery pack fluctuates between the voltage under-voltage point and the over-voltage point, and the load changes within the rated power, the device can automatically stabilize the output.
    • Over-voltage protection: When the battery voltage is greater than the "over-voltage point", the device will automatically cut off the inverter output, the front panel LCD will display "over-voltage", and the buzzer will sound an alarm for ten seconds. When the voltage drops to the "over-voltage" recovery point", the inverter resumes work.
    • Short-circuit protection: If the AC output circuit is short-circuited, the device will automatically cut off the inverter output, the front panel LCD will display "overload", and at the same time, the buzzer will sound an alarm for ten seconds. Turn off the "Inverter Switch (IVT SWITCH)" on the front panel, and the “Overload” display disappears. If you need to restart, you must check to confirm that the output line is normal, and then turn on the "inverter switch (IVT SWITCH)" to restore the inverter output.
    • Overheating protection: If the temperature of the internal control part of the chassis is too high, the device will automatically cut off the power inverter output, the LCD on the front panel will display "overheating", and at the same time, the buzzer will sound an alarm for ten seconds. After the temperature returns to the normal value, the inverter output is restored.
    • Battery reverse connection protection: The device has a perfect battery reverse connection protection function. If the positive and negative polarities of the battery are reversed, the fuse in the chassis will be automatically blown to avoid damage to the battery and equipment. However, it is still strictly forbidden to reverse the battery connection.
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