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    Tendency of Synchronous Motor Application

    With the development of new materials, mechatronics, power electronics, computers and other related new technologies, synchronous motor control system has opened up a wide range of applications, to achieve high speed, high precision, high stability, fast response, high efficiency and energy saving motion control.

    1 rpm ac synchronous gear motor

    In industrial and agricultural production, there are a large number of production machines that require continuous single-direction operation at roughly constant speed, such as fans, pumps, compressors and ordinary machine tools. For this kind of machinery used in the past mostly three-phase or single-phase asynchronous motor to drive. Asynchronous motors have low cost, simple and reliable structure and convenient maintenance, so they are suitable for driving this kind of machinery. However, asynchronous motor efficiency, low power factor, large loss, and the use of a wide range of motor, so a lot of electric energy is wasted in use, so synchronous motors are the good choice, such as 1 rpm synchronous motor, 12V synchronous motor and so on.

    Secondly, a large number of fans and pumps used in industry and agriculture often need to adjust their flow, usually by adjusting the air valve and valve to complete, which wastes a lot of electric energy. After that, people use frequency converter to adjust the speed of the asynchronous motor in the fan and water pump to adjust their flow, which has achieved considerable energy-saving effect, but the cost of frequency converter limits its use, and the low efficiency of the asynchronous motor itself still exists.

    There are quite a lot of working machinery, its running speed needs to be arbitrarily set and adjusted, but the precision of speed control is not very high. Because of its small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving, AC synchronous motor is the low carbon motor in today's society. Permanent synchronous motor has attracted more and more attention because of the operation characteristics of synchronous motor and its control technology is becoming mature. Medium and small power dc motor, asynchronous motor frequency control is gradually replaced by synchronous motor speed control system.

    Synchronous Motor Application Trend

    Synchronous motor application

    Move towards high performance. Modern equipment puts forward a variety of high-performance requirements to the motor industry, such as military equipment requirements for a variety of high-performance signal motors, mobile power stations, servo systems and motors for automation equipment, aerospace with high performance and high reliability permanent magnet synchronous motors, chemical fiber equipment with high speed precision variable frequency control of synchronous motors, High speed ratio rare earth permanent magnet servo motors for CNC lathes, machining centers and robots, high precision swing motors and spindle motors for computers, etc.

    To the light direction of development. Aerospace products, electric vehicles, CNC machine tools, computers, audio-visual products, medical equipment, portable optical machine integration products, have put forward strict requirements for small size and light weight of the motor. Synchronous motor with its small volume, energy saving, good control performance, easy to make low speed DC drive, the elimination of gear reducer, through the change of frequency speed and other advantages, can be developed and applied in elevator technology. It is believed that with the development of electronic technology and control technology, synchronous motor technology will become more and more perfect in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving, mechatronics, high performance, special motor and lightweight.

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