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    Synchronous Motor Price List

    Synchronous motor is a common AC motor, it is the heart of the power system. And it is a component that integrates rotation and static, electromagnetic change and mechanical movement, and realizes the conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy. The dynamic performance of the synchronous motor is very complicated, and its dynamic performance has a great influence on the full electric system. Synchronous motors operate on excitation current. If there is no excitation, the motor is asynchronous. Excitation is a DC system added to the rotor, and its rotation speed and polarity are consistent with those of the stator. 

    1rpm ac synchronous gear motor 5 rpm ac synchronous gear motor

    ATO synchronous motor is cheap. Here is the price list, welcome to choose the most suitable for you!

    Product Name SKU Output Speed Output Torque Price
    1 rpm AC Synchronous Gear Motor, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-49TYD-3752-1 1 rpm  20 Kgf·cm $48.37 
    2.5 rpm AC Synchronous Gear Motor, 12V/24V/110V/220V ATO-49TYD-3752-25 2.5 rpm 18 Kgf·cm $50.33 
    5 rpm AC Synchronous Gear Motor, 24V/110V/220V ATO-60TYD-B5 5 rpm 40 Kgf·cm $51.12 
    10 rpm AC Synchronous Gear Motor, 24V/110V/220V ATO-60TYD-B10 10 rpm 40 Kgf·cm $56.88 
    30 rpm AC Synchronous Gear Motor, 24V/110V/220V ATO-60TYD-B30 30 rpm 15 Kgf·cm $69.76 
    60 rpm AC Synchronous Gear Motor, 24V/110V/220V ATO-60TYD-B60 60 rpm 7 Kgf·cm $76.83 
    75 rpm AC Synchronous Gear Motor, 24V/110V/220V ATO-60TYD-B75 75 rpm 6 Kgf·cm $83.95 

    Note: The prices in the table are just for you reference. If you want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now. You can get a discount on


    The current of synchronous motor is ahead of the voltage in phase, that is, the synchronous motor is a capacitive load. In many cases, synchronous motors are used to improve the power factor of the power supply system.

    1. Information technology. Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, various computers and office automation equipments are also highly developed. For example, it can be used in printers, soft and hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and copiers.
    2. Textile industry. A large number of production machines in the textile industry are driven by three-phase or single-phase asynchronous motors. Due to the complicated structure of the gear transmission mechanism, higher failure rate and difficulty of maintenance, the application of synchronous motors in the textile industry is of great significance. Synchronous motors with high speed regulation accuracy, wide speed regulation range, simple control and high efficiency.
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