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    Thermal Imaging Camera Applications In Transformers

    Infrared thermal imaging cameras convert invisible infrared radiation into visible thermal images and reflect the temperature distribution of the target surface. Different objects and even different parts of the same object differ in their ability to radiate and how strongly they reflect infrared rays. By exploiting the difference between the radiation of an object and the background environment, as well as the difference between the radiation of various parts of the scene itself, an infrared thermal imaging camera can show the rise and fall of various parts of the scene, and thus reveal the characteristics of the scene.

    The transformer is an important equipment of the power supply system, and the failure is initially accompanied by partial or overall temperature abnormalities. ATO thermal imaging cameras can detect and diagnose equipment failures simply, safely, in real time and intuitively, ensuring equipment safety and long-term operation.

    Handheld thermal imaging camera

    What is a current-voltage transformer?

    The operation of power equipment must be monitored and measured to ensure the safe operation of the power system, but general measurement and protection devices cannot be directly connected to primary high-voltage equipment, but need to convert the high voltage and high current of the primary system into low voltage in proportion And small current supply measuring instruments and protection devices. The equipment that performs these transformation tasks is most commonly a transformer. The transformer that converts the voltage is a potential transformer (PT), while the transformer that converts the current is a current transformer (CT).

    Functions of the Current Transformer

    • The current transformer converts a large primary current into a standard 5 amps.
    • It can provide current for the measuring device and the coil of relay protection.
    • It isolates primary equipment from secondary equipment.
    • The current transformer can convert the high voltage into a standard secondary voltage of 100V or lower in proportion to the protection and metering device. At the same time, the use of voltage transformers can isolate high voltages from electrical workers.

    What is an infrared camera used for?

    • Thermal imaging cameras can detect overheating caused by poor joint connections, and uncompressed or over-tightened bolt washers.
    • Current transformers and voltage transformers will cause an oil shortage or false oil levels due to oil leakage. Due to the large difference in the thermophysical parameters of the medium above and below the soil surface, there will be an obvious temperature gradient corresponding to the oil level on the outer surface of the equipment, which can also be found with an infrared thermal imager.
    • It detects local overheating of equipment due to overheating/three-phase unbalance/resonance.
    • The thermal imaging camera can also detect local overheating of the iron core due to poor quality of the iron core or local insulation damage between sheets.
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