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    Tips for Installing and Wiring the Vibration Motor

    The vibration motor is installed in each set of adjustable eccentric blocks at each end of the rotor shaft, and then uses the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and eccentric blocks. The purpose is to obtain the excitation force. The vibration frequency range of the vibration motor is very wide. Only when the excitation force and power are properly matched can the mechanical noise be reduced.

    Installation of vibration motor

    • Before installing the vibration motor, all energy sources of the supplied equipment should be cut off and locked, and a warning sign should be given.
    • Before installation, check whether there is any damage or moisture in the transportation and whether the fasteners are loose or not.
    • Check whether the nameplate data meets the requirements. If the user does not have special requirements, the eccentric block position of the vibration motor produced by the company is at the maximum excitation force position of the nameplate.
    • The mounting surface of the vibration motor must be firm and flat; the flatness of the mounting surface should be less than 0.08 mm (so that the internal vibration of the vibration motor housing can be minimized when tightening the mounting bolts), and the plate should not have air holes Crack; the mounting surface is not less than the bottom surface of the vibration motor; welding should be avoided in the mounting surface area, otherwise the flatness of the vibration mounting surface will be affected.
    • Make sure that the mounting surface is free of paint and debris and that the vibration motor foot surface is clean. Be careful! When the vibration motor has been installed and wired, it must not be welded on the mounting plate. Welding can cause damage to the vibration motor windings and bearings.
    • The four-foot bolts of the vibration motor should be made of high-strength bolts of not less than 8.8 according to the hole diameter. The wrench should be reliable and sturdy and should be loosened. No looseness is allowed. It should be fastened with a flat pad and double nut to prevent loosening. Failure to tighten as specified may result in damage to the vibration motor. Threaded glue should be applied to all bolts before installing the vibration motor on the mounting plate.

    30W AC vibration motor

    Vibration motor wiring

    • Be careful! Before connecting the power cord to the vibration motor, make sure that the power cord withstands voltage rating must be equal to or greater than the vibration motor voltage you are operating. Its minimum rated temperature is 105 °C. If the diameter of the power cord is not properly selected, the cable connector will not be clamped into place. The vibration motor will be damaged due to moisture or the accumulation of materials in the junction box. If the power cable is damaged, it will cause a short circuit or short circuit to the power supply. The vibration motor is damaged.
    • Please strictly follow the diagram wiring, pay attention to the yellow-green two-color line in the power cord should be grounded reliably, in case the wiring error leads to personal safety and motor burnout, and the grounding wire should always be longer than the other three wires to ensure the occurrence of the lead wire. The line finally breaks when it breaks.
    • Check that the voltage is correct and stable, that the power cord is securely fixed, and that the wires cannot be cut off without authorization.
    • Check if the screw is properly locked. When using the motor, the circuit should be connected according to the instructions. Do not use water (medicine) to avoid leakage or burning of the motor. The actual voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage. In order to avoid excessive current and burned.
    • Single-phase motor wiring: brown, blue, white, yellow-green. Brown and blue are power lines, and yellow and green are ground wires. It is recommended to connect the brown wire to the blue wire. The blue wire can reduce the induced voltage of the vibration motor. The white wire and the brown wire = the running capacitor wire. (To change the motor steering, just install the motor in the opposite direction.) Important note: When wiring the vibration motor, the power cord should be kept loose. In this way, during the vibration of the vibration motor, the power cord is not excessively strained, resulting in stress inside the wiring. When used in a humid environment, keep the power cord loose enough to prevent condensate from flowing along the power line to the vibration motor.
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