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    How to Prevent Vibration Motor from Burning Down?

    For vibration motors, burning down is a common fault. So why does the vibration motor burn down? How to prevent it? This article will introduce the specific reasons and preventive measures for this, from the 6 points of anchor bolts loosening, installation, eccentric block adjustment, sealing of the protective cover, ambient temperature and heat dissipation.

    How to Adjust the Eccentric Block of a Vibration Motor?

    The vibration motor is the core part of the vibration screening equipment. The excitation source combines the power source and the vibration source. It is a set of adjustable eccentric blocks installed at both ends of the rotor shaft. It will use the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric block to obtain the exciting force. In addition, the vibration motor has a high utilization rate of excitation force, low energy consumption, low noise and long life. The excitation force of the vibration motor can be adjusted steplessly and is easy to use.

    Role of the Vibration Screen in the Vibration Motor

    The vibration screen in the vibration motor is the key link for the smooth operation of the vibration equipment. When the excitation force is large, it is the main factor affecting the production efficiency. In order to extend the life of the vibration motor, the reasonable adjustment of the excitation force and the selection of a suitable power level cannot be underestimated. At the same time, it also plays an important role in the effective performance of the vibration motor.

    Industrial Vibration Motor Price List

    Industrial Vibration motors rely on their own high-frequency vibration to generate the vibration force. Therefore, during the operation process, the motor itself will rise to a high temperature. Because of the existence of the fit clearance, the axle of the vibration motor after the temperature rise will expand. After the expansion, the axle and the bearing should have close cooperation with each other to achieve the normal operating status. Without the fit clearance, the vibration motor after the operating temperature reaches certain level will be faced with a series of problems, which might even stop operation or be burned. Hence, this problem requires more attention in vibration motor maintenance.