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    How to Select a Right Vibration Motor?


    How to select a right vibration motor?

    Vibration motor is on both ends of the rotor shaft installed a set of adjustable eccentric block, the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation shaft and eccentric block vibration force. With the improvement of vibration motor performance, the application scope has been greatly expanded. Now it is used in metallurgical industry, water conservancy industry and coal industry. Because of the increase in demand, the number of manufacturers producing and selling vibration motors has increased a lot. We don't know how to choose when you are faced with so many types of products. In order to choose a suitable vibration motor, ATO lists some specific indicators of vibration motor selection:

    • Speed of vibration motor

    Vibration motor is the power source of vibration mechanical equipment. It has high speed and small amplitude. Therefore, according to the different purposes of vibration, we first select the speed of the motor: The rotation speed of AC vibration motor at the frequency of 50 Hz is 3000 rpm/ min (2 poles), 1450rpm / min (4 poles) and 980 rpm / min (6 poles), and the rotation speed of DC vibration motor is 3000-7200 RMP / min. They produce double amplitudes: 2-4mm for 2-pole motors, 4-6mm for 4-pole motors, and 6-12mm for 6-pole motors.

    Vibration motor

    • For screening, long-distance transportation and spiral lifting of materials, 6-level vibrating motor is used.
    • Four- level vibration motor is used to feed, dehydrate and polish materials.
    • Two-level vibration motor is used to vibrate and activate the materials.
    • Design form of vibration motor& Quantity required

    1. Two vibration motors are used to linear vibrating screen, conveyor and screw hoist.
    2. Circular vibrating screen and rotary vibrating screen use one vibration motor.
    3. For vibrating platform and warehouse wall vibrator, one, two, four, six, eight or more vibrator motors can be used at the same time.
    • Weight of vibrating mechanical equipment

    1. If the excitation force of the selected vibration motor cannot meet the requirements, its amplitude is not enough, the material does not run, which will affect the output, and also cause the vibration motor overload and scalding, which will seriously damage the motor.
    2. When the vibration motor leaves the factory, the exciting force is not full. Generally, it is adjusted to 70% of the maximum exciting force, which can extend the service life of the motor bearing and avoid the motor coil heating, so as to achieve the best use effect.
    3. The total exciting force of the vibration motor should be greater than 1 times of the total weight of the vibrating object.
    4. The higher the power of the vibration motor, the greater its excitation force. The excitation force is expressed in kN, and 1kN about 100kg.
    5. The exciting force of the vibration motor is too large, which is more than one time of the total weight of the vibration body, it will not only increase the cost of the equipment, but also cause damage to the vibration machinery and equipment, which will tear the weld, deform the steel plate and swing.
    • Usage condition

    The exciting force of motor should be reduced in high altitude area, or the VFD should be installed to control. That is to say, the exciting force of the vibrating motor should be adjusted at 50%.

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