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    How to Test a Vibration Motor?

    Today we are going to carry out vibration motor performance test. This is 220V input. (Force is 30kg) vibration motor. The rated current and power are 0.1A and 30W respectively.

    Vibration motor appearance

    Vibration motor structure

    Open one side of cover of vibration motor

    We are able to open one side of cover. Now we can see, adjustable eccentric block is connected end of rotor shaft. Both two sides of the nut are same construct. The eccentric block is used to obtain the exciting force. The combination of the specific designed motor and the eccentric block enable the motor to rotate.

    In the eccentric block, the exciting force is transmitted to the vibrating machine through the motor. The vibrating motor only needs to adjust the external eccentric block to figure a certain angle with the internal eccentric block, so that the exciting force can be adjusted sleeplessly. It can generate different vibration trajectories according to different installed combinations on the vibrating body, horizontal or vertical. Thereby it can carry out various operation efficiently.

    Then put back the cover and start connecting the cable follow the circuit diagram.

    Running test

    This is power switch with speed regulator. The range is from 1 to 7. In this experiment, we will use the water to demonstrate the vibration force.

    Vibration motor testing

    1. Switch on power supply.
    2. Increase from 1 to 2.
    3. Noise is coming, but it is very less.
    4. Now the water now is fluctuating.
    5. Switch off power supply.

    If you want to know more about how to use an ATO vibration motor, please view the video below. Moreover, at, we provide AC vibration motors, DC vibration motorsconcrete vibrator motors and explosion proof vibration motors for your choices, selectable power of 10W, 50W, 100W to 5.5 kW, buy now!


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