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    Role of the Vibration Screen in the Vibration Motor

    The vibration screen in the vibration motor is the key link for the smooth operation of the vibration equipment. When the excitation force is large, it is the main factor affecting the production efficiency. In order to extend the life of the vibration motor, the reasonable adjustment of the excitation force and the selection of a suitable power level cannot be underestimated. At the same time, it also plays an important role in the effective performance of the vibration motor.

    A properly selected vibration motor is the key to the good operation of mechanical equipment. It is necessary to perform reasonable calculations to adjust the excitation force to meet the requirements of user production and use. Basically, the following requirements need to be followed:

    Vibration screen

    1. Meet production needs while retaining a certain margin. In other words, in addition to meeting the requirements of the user, the motor power shall get adapt to the adjustment requirements when the user expands output and increases the exciting force. If the power is too large, it is prone to failure. If the power is too small, the output is not suitable for the user.

    2. The adjustment of the excitation force can not only meet the production needs, but also have a certain adjustment space, especially the adjustment of the motor on some large-scale vibration screens. As the vibration source of the vibrating screen, the vibration motor should have the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, high excitation efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency, and convenient adjustment. The performance of a vibration motor includes the operating frequency, the excitation force and power of the model. The movement of the material on the screen surface should be close to the critical jump, which is calculated according to the formula. The speed requirements of the vibration motor should be selected first, and then the number of stages of the motor, such as a 2-pole motor, a 4-pole motor or a 6-pole motor. The calculation of the excitation force of the motor should be based on the formula of the amplitude to obtain the excitation force. The excitation force must be selected within the combination of the total excitation force of the selected vibration motor and the surface material quality of the screen. In order to effectively exert the performance of the vibrating screen, the excitation force can be adjusted when the user handles different processing amounts.

    3. In order to improve the screening efficiency of the vibration motor, for those tiny materials and materials that are difficult to be screened, the circular vibrating screen can adjust the rotation direction of the vibrator (reverse rotation of the material) to prolong the contact time of vibration. If the material is used for sieving, it is beneficial to increase the permeability, but the processing capacity will be relatively reduced. The linear vibrating screen can appropriately reduce the downward angle of the vibrating screen or increase the vibration angle, slow down the operation speed of the material, and improve the screening rate. This material and large-particle materials can increase the angle that the vibrating screen faces downward or reduce the vibration tilt angle, thereby increasing the speed of the material flowing forward, so as to increase the handling capacity. If the production requirement of the linear vibrating screen is high, and the screening efficiency, processing capacity and so on are met as well, please consider increasing the width and length of the surface of the vibrating screen.

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