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    VFD for plastic extrusion machine

    I. Basic principle
    The principle of plastic extrusion machine is that main engine drive the screw to rotate in the cylinder, so as to push the plastic forward. Then the plastic will be plasticized to be the even melt through the extrusion machine. And with the stress established in the plasticizing process, plastic will be extruded out of the machine head by the screw in constant temperature, constant quantity and constant pressure continuously. The screw is actually a slope or a bevel, which wrap on the central layer. Its purpose is to increase the pressure so as to overcome a bigger resistance. As to one extrusion machine, there are three kinds of resistances to be overcome: the frictional force of the solid particles (feedstock) to the cylinder wall and the mutual frictional force between them in the first several circles of the screw rotating (feed zone), the adhesive force of the melt on the cylinder wall, the interior logistics resistance when the melt is being pushed forward.
    principle of vfd control plastic extrusion machine
    In extruding process, the power consumed by the main drive is increasing as the rotating speed increases. It belongs to be a rather typical constant torque load. However, because of the different process materials, some extrusion machine processes require a low rotating speed while others require a relatively high rotating speed. Therefore, as to the transmission of the extrusion machine, it requires having the same output torque between the low speed and rated speed so as to reach the maximum efficiency ratio.
    II. Parameter setting of ATO variable frequency drive

    Function code Name Set value remarks
    P0.01 Frequency setting channel 3 Terminal UP/DOWN adjustment
    P0.03 Operating command channel 1 Terminal operation
    P0.04 Setting of the revolving direction 0 0 Reversal is allowed
    P0.09 Torque raising 5 Set according to the practical condition
    P0.17 Acceleration time 10 Set according to the field condition
    P0.18 Deceleration time 10
    P2.05 Halt mode 1 Freely halt
    P3.06 Inching operating frequency 50 Set according to the practical condition
    P3.07 Inching acceleration time 5
    P3.08 Inching deceleration time 0.1
    P4.01 Function selection of the input terminal X2 9 Three-wire operating control
    P4.02 Function selection of the input terminal X3 14 Frequency ascending
    P4.03 Function selection of the input terminal X4 15 Frequency decreasing
    P4.04 Function selection of the input terminal X5 5 External reversal inching
    P4.08 Selection of the operating mode 2 Three-wire control mode 1

    plastic extrusion machine
    III. The advantages of VFD controls plastic extrusion machine

    1. VFD controls the driving motor of the main engine and auxiliary engine, satisfy the required revolving speed and power of the process, make sure that the main engine and auxiliary engine can operate coordinately. ATO VFD can realize the automatic control of the whole unit, ensure good quality and high yield (The revolving speed of the screw decides the extruding amount and extruding speed directly. The fluctuation of the revolving speed will result the fluctuation of the extruding amount and affect the extruding quality).
    2. Realize remote control, fine adjustment of the speed.

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