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    Tag: energy saving

    Energy Saving Servo System for Injection Molding Machine

    Illustrate the transformation process by taking dedicated servo system of injection molding machine: First, it should replace general asynchronous machine and dosing oil pump of the former system with servo motor and internal gear pump, add pressure transmitter in output direct pipes of oil pump and get rid of proportional pressure valve of the former system and corresponding amplifier board. Pick up analog signals whose pressure and flow are given from computer control of injection molding machine, transform them into 0-10V DC analog pressure signals through comprehensive processing and directly add them in input terminals of system pressure given signals and system flow given signals of servo drives, and connect pressure sensors in exit of oil pump with pressure feedback signal terminal of servo. Servo system can have PI adjustment through connected pressure and flow signals and change output torque and speed of servo motor so as to change output flow Qt and pressure p of oil pump to meet oil pressure and flow required by injection molding machine in various processes.

    VFD for plastic extrusion machine

    The advantages of VFD controls plastic extrusion machine

    1. VFD controls the driving motor of the main engine and auxiliary engine, satisfy the required revolving speed and power of the process, make sure that the main engine and auxiliary engine can operate coordinately. ATO VFD realize the automatic control of the whole unit, ensure good quality and high yield.
    2. Realize remote control, fine adjustment of the speed.

    principle of vfd control plastic extrusion machine