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    What are Gyroscope Sensors Used for?

    The gyroscope sensor is an easy-to-use control system for free-space movement and gesture-based positioning. It was originally applied to helicopter models, and now it has been widely used in mobile portable devices such as mobile phones. For those unfamiliar with this type of product, the gyroscope sensor is an easy-to-use control system that based on the free-space movement andDigital gyroscope sensor gesture positioning. Swipe your mouse on an imaginary plane, and the on-screen cursor will follow, and you can circle links and click buttons.

    These are all handy when you're giving a speech or leaving the table. The gyroscope sensor was originally used on the helicopter model, and now it has been widely used on mobile portable devices such as mobile phones (IPHONE's three-axis gyroscope technology).

    The most important characteristics of a gyroscope sensor are its stability and precession. We can find a fact that the high-speed rotating gyroscope can stay vertical without falling down and remain vertical to the ground from the ground gyroscopes played by children, which reflects the stability of the gyroscope when it moves. The theory that studies the motion characteristics of gyroscopes is a branch of rigid body dynamics moving around a fixed point. It studies the dynamic characteristics of rotating objects based on the inertia of the object. It can be said that the gyroscope sensor is a simple and easy-to-use positioning and control system based on free space movement and gestures.

    Working Principle of Gyroscope Sensor

    As we all know, the direction of the rotation axis of a rotating object will not change when it is not affected by external forces. People use it to stay oriented according to this principle. The direction indicated by the shaft is then read in a variety of ways, and the data signal is automatically sent to the control system. We actually use this principle when we ride a bicycle. The faster the wheel turns, the less likely it will fall, because the axle has a force that keeps it level. Modern gyroscope is an instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of moving objects. It is an inertial navigation instrument widely used in modern aviation, navigation, aerospace and defense industries.

    The main part of the traditional inertial gyroscope is a mechanical gyroscope, and the mechanical gyroscope has high requirements on the process structure. In the 1970s, the basic idea of ​​modern fiber optic gyroscopes was put forward. After the 1980s, fiber optic gyroscopes have developed very rapidly, and laser resonant gyroscopes have also developed greatly. The fiber optic gyroscope has the advantages of compact structure, high sensitivity and reliable operation. Fiber optic gyroscopes have completely replaced mechanical traditional gyroscopes in many fields and become a key component in modern navigation instruments. In addition to the ring laser gyroscope, the fiber optic gyroscope has also developed a modern integrated vibration gyroscope. The integrated vibration gyroscope has a higher degree of integration and a smaller volume, and is also an important development of modern gyroscopes direction.

    Gyroscope sensor principle

    When analyzing the motion of the gyroscope approximately from the point of view of mechanics, it can be regarded as a rigid body, where is a fulcrum on the rigid body, and the gyroscope can rotate with three degrees of freedom around this fulcrum, so the motion of the gyroscope belongs to the rigid body rotational motion around a fixed point. More precisely, a flywheel rotor that rotates at high speed around an axis of symmetry is called a gyroscope. The gyroscope is installed on the frame device, so that the rotation axis of the gyroscope has the degree of freedom of angular rotation. The whole of this device is called a gyroscope.

    The basic components of a gyroscope:

    1.  Gyroscope rotor (the synchronous motor, hysteresis motor, three-phase AC motor, and other electric motors. They are often used to make the gyroscope rotor rotate at high speed around the rotation axis, and its speed is approximately constant);
    2. The inner and outer frames (or the inner and outer rings, which are the structures that enable the rotation axis of the scope to obtain the required angular rotation degree of freedom);
    3. Accessories (referring to torque motors, signal sensors, etc.).

    Application Field

    With the development of science technology, gyroscope sensors are widely used in many high-tech fields, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of science and technology. Next, let's take a look at the main applications of gyroscope sensors.

    National Defense

    The gyroscope sensor was originally used on the helicopter model, and it has been widely used in mobile portable devices such as mobile phones. Not only that, the modern gyroscope is an instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of moving objects, so the gyroscope Sensors are essential controls in modern aviation, marine, aerospace and national defense industrial applications. The gyroscope sensor was named by the French physicist Leon Foucault when he studied the rotation of the earth, and it has been the most convenient and practical reference instrument for navigation and speed in aviation and navigation.

    Door Opening Alarm

    New application of gyroscope sensor: to measure the angle of the door, when the door is opened at an angle, it will sound an alarm, or send a message in combination with the GPRS module to remind people the door to be opened. In addition, the gyroscope sensor integrates the function of the acceleration sensor. When the door is opened, a certain acceleration value will be generated. The gyroscope sensor will measure the acceleration value. When the preset threshold value is reached, an alarm will sound. Or combined with the GPRS module to send a message to remind the door to be opened. The alarm can also integrate radar sensing measurement function. As long as someone enters the room and moves, it will be measured by radar. Double insurance reminds anti-theft, high reliability, low false alarm rate, very suitable for anti-theft alarm in important occasions.

    Smart Phone

    The gyroscope sensor in your phone is first and foremost used for navigation. If the gyroscope is matched with the GPS in the mobile phone, its navigation ability will be greatly improved. Control the mobile phone to complete the command actions, such as tilting back and forth to realize the online scrolling of the screen, tilting left and right to complete the page turning operation of the e-book and other specific functions.

    1. Turn or shake the phone to implement specific instructions, such as shaking to automatically align desktop icons and other functions. To adjust the camera of the mobile phone, the mobile phone equipped with the gyroscope can cooperate with the image processing engine of the mobile phone to achieve a more stable and clearer picture quality output, which is what we often call "electronic image stabilization".
    2. Inertial guidance, this is not the inertial guidance of the missile, but the inertial guidance of the mobile phone. When the mobile phone cannot search for the navigation signal or the signal is poor, the mobile phone will turn on this function by default. The gyroscope is used to measure the straight line and the angle of deflection information.
    3. Game control, some games need to be controlled by gestures. This is a simplified version of somatosensory games. The racing games we often play generally support somatosensory operations, and the experience is very good.
    4. Motion recording, most of today's mobile phones support the pedometer function, and some also support the recording of motion trajectories, which are inseparable from the gyroscope. 


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