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    What are Pneumatic Motor Used For?

    Air motors work with power from compressed air, such as an air compressor. air motors weigh less than many electric motors, have a simple structure and can easily switch between forward and reverse rotation. air motors can have a smaller installation size than electric motors with the same power output, and can be used environmentally, quickly and safely. This article briefly introduces the application of air motor.

    600W pneumatic vane air motor

    The air motor also called a "pneumatic motor" because it is driven by "wind", which means that air is compressed into a tank and the pressure generated by the gas is used to drive the air motor. Its speed range can be controlled between several to tens of thousands of turn, can provide for the use of multiple industries to choose, because use the air to drive, can achieve the province electricity, explosion-proof, such as clean effect, in this way, as long as you have compressed 5 hp air motor of enterprise, the factory can choose corresponding "air motorproduction operations.

    In recent years, more and more companies realize the benefits of industrial air motor, such as the production of mixers, conveyor enterprises, pump industry, food packaging industry, paper printing industry, medicine and medicine packaging industry, crane and winch industry, manufacturing hose reel enterprises, tension device enterprises, Fiber cutting industry, filling equipment industry, pneumatic drive (fan) industry are a large number of use of air motor. Under the advantage of safety and explosion-proof and no spark, many enterprises began to choose air motor for production and processing. The biggest advantage and advantage of air motor lies in simple structure, small size, light weight, high horsepower, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and has water resistance, fire prevention, moisture-proof and explosion-proof.

    At present, air motor mainly used in mining machinery, professional machinery manufacturing, oil field, chemical industry, paper making, steelmaking, shipbuilding, aviation, construction machinery and other industries, many pneumatic tools such as pneumatic drill, wind wrench, wind grinding wheel and so on are equipped with air motor. With the development of pneumatic transmission, the application of air motorwill be more extensive.

    So what other areas can use air motors?

    Air motor application

    1. Factory equipment. Pneumatic hoist, crane, conveyor, automatic door.
    2. Mining. Stone whittling machine, grinding machine, stone grinding machine, rotary arm excavator.
    3. Civil engineering, construction. Concrete mixer, saw table drive, forklift truck.
    4. Petroleum, chemistry. Pump drive, blower, valve opening and closing, mixer, mixer, coiler, oil tank.
    5. The ship. Hatch opening and closing, boat winch, cargo winch, all kinds of hoist, reel.
    6. Iron and steel. Blast furnace peripheral equipment drive.
    7. General machinery. Rotary table, indexing table, barrel, pipe cutting machine, thread cutting, tapping machine, nut tightening machine, winding machine, loader, car washing machine, welding machine, all kinds of trolley drive.
    8. The others. Pipeline and sewer cleaning machine, engine starter, vehicle driving, all kinds of labor-saving automatic machinery.
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