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    What are the Advantages of Water Chiller?

    Air cooled chiller is one of the chiller models. It cools the normal temperature water to a certain temperature through the compressor of the chiller to strengthen the cooling mold or machine. It is used as a single machine, and the cooling device is the built-in fan.

    We should not only know what is the chiller, but also know what characteristics of the water chiller. In this article, ATO industrial automation will introduce something about this.

    Water chiller advantages

    • It adopts widely used, high efficient, reliable and stable twin compressor. The cost of running and maintaining is greatly less than other types of chiller.
    • High efficiency, cramped construction, small size, low noise, large cooling capacity, long lifespan, easy operation of this industrial water chiller.
    • The flooded evaporator enables the distribution of the refrigerant to be more even so that temperature pattern is optimized and the evaporating temperature is largely increased. Meanwhile, the heat exchange efficiency will be improved. Integrated with high performance and reliable compressor, the cooling capacity and EER (energy efficiency ratio) is greatly improved.
    • The is controlled by the microcomputer control system. Stepless capacity regulation is automatic based on the variation of load. The compressor will start at low load. Between the lowest load and the highest load, stepless capacity regulation is available. During the increase of the load, the output and the load maintain best matching so that highest efficiency and energy-saving running is realized.
    • Safety protection functions include anti-phase protection, overload protection, antifreezing protection, high and low pressure alarm in chiller protection, exhaust high temperature protection, and water flow switch protection.

    To offering cool water of air conditioning system and integrating with terminal industrial unit such as plastics industrial and combined process air cooled water chiller to constitute various industrial chilling system. It can be used for chilled water in sites such industrial cooling, process chilling, hotel, hospital, mall, office building and place of entertainment. We should notice the specification of use range. If the inlet water temperature of evaporator is lower than the value shown in the above form, it is necessary to reselect the model. 

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