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    Industrial Water Chiller Applications

    Industrial water chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The principle of the chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the internal water tank of the machine, and the water is cooled by the refrigeration system. Afterwards, the water pump inside the chiller injects cryogenically frozen water into the equipment that needs to be cooled. The chilled water takes away the heat inside the machine and returns the high-temperature hot water to the water tank for cooling. In this way, the circulation exchange cooling can achieve the function of cooling the equipment.

    Industrial Water Chiller

    Industrial water chiller application

    • Plastics and plastic cement industry

    The cooling of plastic processing machinery molds can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, and prevent the products from shrinkage or deformation. This operation facilitates the demolding of plastic products, accelerates product shaping, and greatly improves the production efficiency of the plastic molding machine.

    • Extrusion wire and pelletizing industry

    Obviously, the sink is an open container, so we should pay attention to one point when choosing a chiller: The evaporator of the water chiller should be of shell and tube type instead of coil type. The reason is that the evaporator of the coil chiller is an open water tank. When the chiller stops working, the pump has no pressure, and the water level of the sink is generally higher than that of the chiller. At this time, the water in the sink will flow back to the water tank, causing the water tank of the chiller to overflow. The shell and tube type is different, the evaporator is a closed loop, and there is no problem of overflow.

    • Control machine tools, coordinate boring machines, grinders, machining centers, modular machine tools and various precision machine tools

    Air cooled industrial water chiller is used in the lubrication of the number of spindles and the cooling of the transmission medium of the hydraulic system, which can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of the machine tool, and improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool. In addition, it can also improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication and reduce wear.

    • Electronic and ultrasonic cleaning industry

    The chiller can cool and stabilize the molecular structure of the electronic components on the production line, improve the qualification rate of the electronic components, reduce the temperature of the cleaning agent, condense the gaseous cleaning agent, and effectively prevent the volatilization of the cleaning agent.

    • Vacuum ion plating industry

    The ionization source needs to be heated during initial operation to start, and needs to be cooled during operation. Failure of the cooling system will cause damage to the ionization source. The cooling water must be cooled by the high-pressure water pump to the cooling channel in the ionization source.

    • Electroplating industry

    The air cooled water chiller can cool the electroplating solution and stabilize the metal and non-metal molecules. It makes the metal molecules stick to the surface of the plated parts with a stable current, which increases the density and smoothness of the plated parts, shortens the plating cycle and improves the quality. In addition, it can effectively recover chemical substances, and this industrial refrigeration equipment is also suitable for vacuum coating industry.

    Direct cooling: The plating solution directly enters the evaporator of the water chiller through the filter or filter screen for cooling, and then returns to the oxidation tank. The advantages of this cooling method are short cooling time and good effect. The disadvantage is that the evaporator needs anti-corrosion treatment (usually titanium alloy), and it is easy to scale in the evaporator, so it needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect and machine operation.

    Indirect cooling: This method is to lay titanium tubes in the oxidation tank, and the chilled water takes away the heat of the plating solution through the titanium tube to achieve the purpose of cooling. If it is inconvenient to lay the titanium pipe, a heat exchanger (it needs to be made of titanium alloy) can be added. The freezing water flows while the plating solution flows.

    • Food industry

    The industrial water chiller is used for high-speed cooling of various foods after heating, so that it can be suitable for canning and bottling requirements. In addition, various types of fermented food require different cooling temperatures to stabilize fermentation needs, which improve fermentation products and ensure fermentation quality. Similarly, this equipment is also used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and refrigeration equipment.

    • Grinding machine industry

    In the grinding process of the three-roll mill, temperature is generated due to changes in the molecular structure. Excessive temperature will affect the quality of raw materials and production efficiency. The water chiller can control the temperature by circulating cooling, which greatly increases production and reduces equipment damage. What is important is that it can protect the safety of employees.

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