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    What is Regenerative Blower?

    Blower has a promising future in the global market. ATO regenerative blower is distinguished from ordinary air blowers by its design, in which the bearings are made of special high-temperature resistant bearings, which can withstand twice the temperature of ordinary fans. It has been there a sharp increase in demand in recent years. At present, the production of regenerative blower as well as technology has been quite mature, continuing to evolve and upgrade. Regenerative blower is capable of providing a great range of cfm and pressure. It is important to know the principle of operation. The impeller of a regenerative blower has multiple blades on the edge of the impeller, and as the impeller rotates, air goes through the inlet side of the blower as it reaches the impeller. It will actually accelerate around the outside and between each blade it will actually regenerate over the next blade until it reaches the total differential pressure at the discharge. Due to the energy of multiple blades of the high-pressure regenerative blower rotation, the wind pressure is quickly superimposed, and a high-pressure or high suction force is formed. It is a pretty efficient way to generate pressure.

    Regenerative blower

    What are the specific uses?
    ATO regenerative blower is a dual-purpose machine, with dual functions of blowing and suction. It is widely used in various industries, such as textile industry, paper industry, pulp industry, sewage treatment industry, cement manufacturing, ice manufacturing, fishery industry, etc.

    1. Suction application: adsorption of screen-printing machine, welding exhaust gas suction, silk suction of loom, photomechanical process, powder and granule transportation, printing adsorption, industrial dust suction, vacuum dehydration, container evacuation, book case making machine, waste cloth treatment, milk carton filling machine, bean curd machine, support and maintenance of processed object, work site, cloth ironing machine, gas decomposition, etc.
    2. Blowing application: oxygen replenishment to the breeding pond, powder and granule transportation, forced drying in printing, car washing and drying, bottle washing machine blowing dry, air knife drying, waste discharge of incinerator, heavy gas oil spraying combustion, smoke blowing and suction, paper and cloth pieces blowing, ticket and file conveying, inflating air cushion of cutting machine, animal manure fermentation and explosion, electrolyte stirring, convenient stamping of punching machine after taking molding products, etc.

    What are the features?

    1. Silent type and low noise, motor direct operation. Combined with the integrated noise elimination equipment, the high-pressure fan has improved the phenomenon of high noise, thus achieving the effect of low noise.
    2. No oil and gas pollution. When the impeller rotates, it does not contact with other parts and is free from lubrication. Consequently, there is no oil and gas pollution.
    3. Reliability and stability. The machine can be operated safely when the usual condition changes. In addition to the impeller, the high-pressure blower has no further action, so the stability is very good. There is scarcely needed for maintenance except for the bearings. ATO high-pressure regenerative blower uses the outer bearing with good heat dispersal, which makes its compression ratio high and the bearing running temperature low.
    4. Easy to install and completely equipped. It can be set up and used at any time for compressed air or for vacuuming, and it can also be installed in horizontal or vertical direction.
    5. High quality material. All the parts used can meet the quality requirements to ensure smooth operation and reliable performance of the whole machine. Its structure and material selection are designed to guarantee the lifetime of the product as the standard, especially its paint film has the advantages of high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

    Regenerative blower structure

    Selection and application tips.
    Only the bearings of regenerative blower are in contact with other machinery, which is why their mechanical wear and tear is very small and maintenance is basically no need. As long as it under normal use conditions, its service life certainly will be long. However, it is very important to note that different workplaces have different pressure and flow requirements. If you are not sure which function of regenerative blower is used on site, finding the corresponding pressure and flow curve of it to choose the right model, it may cause the selected product unusable. Meanwhile, we can provide you with a pressure-flow graph if you what to buy a favorable regenerative blower from ATO.

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