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    What Is the Medical Isolation Transformer?

    Leakage currents present a possible risk to patients in the unique setting of a hospital, placing additional demands on the electrical design. Medical IT systems (medical isolation transformers, etc.) must be installed in particular in locations where patient safety is crucial, such as operating rooms, intensive care units, and cardiac operating rooms. These locations must also have a steady power supply for the medical equipment they house.

    Medical isolation transformer has strong anti-interference ability, which can effectively eliminate the noise, clutter, high voltage, surge and so on on the power grid, so as to provide a high-quality electric environment for the customer's equipment.Medical isolation transformers

    Characteristics and advantages:

    Isolation transformers refer to 1:1 transformer commonly.advantages that are distinctive. Insulating paper or an insulating strip is used to isolate the primary and secondary winding coils from one another. Due to the ability of input and output current to effectively isolate, harmonics may be suppressed, making CNC machinery, precision machinery, and highly efficient power more appropriate.There is no potential difference between any of the secondary wires and the ground because the secondary is not linked to the ground, which lowers all forms of noise and interference.

    Features of medical IT isolation transformer at the input of AC power supply:

    1. Isolation transformers can be used to remove the third harmonic from the grid and reduce interference signals if they are a major problem.
    2. The installation of isolation transformers can create a new neutral line, preventing the grid's poor neutral line from being brought on by abnormal equipment performance.
    3. It is possible to isolate the current waveform distortion brought on by non-linear load (such as the third harmonic) without contaminating the grid.

    Features of isolation transformer at the output end of AC power supply:3-phase isolation transformer 480v to 240v

    1. Prevent the AC power supply's regular operation from being hampered by the current distortion of non-linear loads, which contributes to the power grid's purification.
    2. Sampling at the isolation transformer's input, where it won't be impacted by non-linear load current distortion and allow the control signal to accurately reflect the actual condition.
    3. If the load is not balanced, the voltage stabilizer continues to operate normally.


    1. Anti-interference function: by using the isolation transformer's Y/ △ wiring, for example, one can prevent some harmonic transmission.
    2. Impedance transformation function: Boost system impedance to make it easier to match protective devices and other devices.
    3. The role of stabilizing the system voltage: for example, minimizing the influence on the system voltage when starting a heavy load of equipment.
    4. The function of avoiding system grounding: If single-phase grounding happens on the isolation transformer's load side, it won't result in single-phase grounding of the entire system (above the isolation transformer part).
    5. Lower the short-circuit current: When a system short circuit occurs on the load side, the system's short-circuit current should be kept to a minimum.
    6. A few other parts.

    Consider the following two points while using isolation transformers:

    1. The secondary of the transformer cannot be grounded at either end.
    2. To avoid receiving an electric shock, a person should never touch both ends of the secondary at once.
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