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    Magnetic Angle Sensor Buying Guide

    Magnetic angle sensor is a high-performance integrated magnetic sensor. It is a new generation of angle sensor made by using the characteristics of magnetic signal induction and non-contact, and with the microprocessor for intelligent signal processing.
    It has the characteristics of no contact and no friction, high reliability and long service life. Magnetic angle sensors are widely used in occasions with frequent mechanical changes, harsh environments, long service life and high reliability.

    What does an Angle Sensor do?

    Angle sensors, as the name suggests, are used to detect angles. It has a hole in its body that fits the shaft. When attached to the RCX, the angle sensor counts every 1/16th of a revolution of the shaft. When turning in one direction, the count increases, and when the turning direction changes, the count decreases. The count is related to the initial position of the angle sensor. When the angle sensor is initialized, its count value is set to 0.