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    Tag: capacitors

    Wiring of Shunt Capacitor

    For wirings of three phase shunt capacitors or three phase capacitor banks composed of three single phase shunt capacitors, the most commonly used are star and triangle wirings. Star wiring includes single star wiring and double star wiring while triangle wiring includes single triangle wiring and double triangle wiring. The double triangle wiring is gradually eliminated due to complicated wiring and high cost. Low voltage shunt capacitors mostly use triangular wiring and high voltage shunt capacitors, especially for high voltage shunt capacitors with large capacity, mostly use star wiring.

    What is a Self-healing Low Voltage Shunt Capacitor?

    Self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor is suitable for the AC power system with working frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage 1000V and below and is connected in parallel with load, in order to improve the power factor of system and reduce line loss, improving the voltage quality. It is widely used to improve the efficiency of power supply equipment, local compensation of the inductive equipment such as motor and transformer and electric furnace, electric traction engine, UPS systems and power system harmonic filtration and other aspects.