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    What is a Ceramic Capacitor?

    Ceramic capacitors use ceramic materials with high dielectric constant and low loss as the medium. The silver layer is sprayed on both sides of the ceramic substrate, and then the silver film is fired at high temperature as electrodes to weld the leads. The outer surface is coated with protective enamel or encapsulated with epoxy resin. The capacity is determined by the area and thickness of the ceramic sheet, and the pressure resistance is determined by the thickness of the ceramic.

    What are the Functions of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor?

    The appearance of the chip capacitor is made of ceramics. So it is known as multilayer ceramic chip capacitor (MLCC). Multilayer ceramic capacitors are made of parallel ceramic materials and electrode materials. So what are the functions of multilayer ceramic capacitors? The bypass capacitor is an energy storage device that provides energy to the local device. It can make the output of the regulator uniform and reduce the load demand. Like a small rechargeable battery, the bypass capacitor can be charged and discharged to the device.

    Electrolytic Capacitor vs. Ceramic Capacitor

    Capacitors are components used to store and hold electric charge. Capacitors are indispensable in circuits. It is divided into many types according to different conditions such as materials and characteristics. Today we will talk about electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors, and briefly introduce the difference between electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors.