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    Tag: magnetostrictive sensor

    Magnetostrictive sensor working principle

    Magnetostrictive sensor indicates a kind of displacement detecting device developed based on ferromagnetic material magnetostrictive effect. It could be used for continuously, precisely and real-time detecting the displacement (position) and velocity of various moving parts under abominably industrial environment. As an important component to realize precise operation and control, it can substantially enhance the precision and efficiency of the whole system. It is applicable for detecting the stroke or position of mechanical device with rectilinear motion. Precision servo feedback control of hydraulic system is one of the most typical applications.

    Magnetostrictive sensors for wind turbine generators

    In hydraulic variable propeller pitch system, linear displacement sensor which measuring hydraulic oil cylinder piston stroke plays an important role, while magnetostrictive sensor becomes the best among all stroke measuring displacement sensors in different industry, relying on its measuring accuracy, reliability, environment adaptation etc. Magnetostrictive displacement sensors are widely used in wind power generation field.
    Hydraulic disc braking system with clamp pin