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    Paperless Recorder Troubleshooting

    Even the best machines will fail over time, and paperless recorders are no exception. Paperless recorder is a kind of recorder that can convert temperature and pressure into current, voltage, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals through transmitters, and can provide transmission, communication, printing, alarm, power distribution, etc., and outputs and other functions and processes data records. Let's take a look at the common faults and solutions encountered when using paperless recorders.

    Paperless Recorder: Advantages and Functions

    The paperless recorder records the collected data/operation data in the internal storage system of the instrument based on time, without consuming any common recording facilities, such as paper, pen and ink. The stored data recorded in the instrument is displayed on the LCD screen after calculation and simulation. Commonly used LCD screens are widely used. On the LCD screen, digital display, bar graph display, curve display, alarm list, etc. can be displayed.

    How Does Paperless Recorder Work?

    Paperless recorder is a device that records the collected calculation data in the internal storage system of the instrument by time. It has the advantages of being paperless, real-time, high-precision, communicable, searchable and intelligent. Paperless recorder abandons the deficiency of using paper and pen in the traditional recording method, and at the same time improves the quality and stability of the recorder, and more importantly, reduces the running cost of the recorder, facilitates management, improves work efficiency, and avoids the possibility of error in manual recording.