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    Paperless Recorder Troubleshooting

    Even the best machines will fail over time, and paperless recorders are no exception. Paperless recorder is a kind of recorder that can convert temperature and pressure into current, voltage, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals through transmitters, and can provide transmission, communication, printing, alarm, power distribution, etc., and outputs and other functions and processes data records. Let's take a look at the common faults and solutions encountered when using paperless recorders.

    Paperless recorder1. Change the signal value of the channel, and the display value of the channel has no change.

    • Use a multimeter to measure whether the signal is normal on the terminal block.
    • Check whether the channel module switch and signal type are set correctly.
    • Open the case and check whether the channel signal cable is connected properly.

    2. The paperless recorder does not work after it is powered on.

    • Check whether the wiring of the 220V power terminal of the instrument is correct.
    • Check if the instrument fuse is blown.
    • Unscrew the fixing screws of the instrument, pull out the instrument core from the front, and check whether the cables of the power board and the main board are well connected.

    3. The LCD backlight is bright, but no characters and curves are displayed.

    • Check whether the meter shows that the cable is connected properly.

    4. The channel measurement value is inaccurate and the channel display value has no change.

    • Check whether the signal type setting in the channel parameter setting is consistent with the actual access signal type.
    • Whether the channel module switch setting is consistent with the call signal type.
    • Check whether the signal wiring is accurate and whether the signal cable is in good contact.
    • After confirming that there is no problem with the above, re-calibrate the instrument with the paperless recorder (note that the accuracy of the signal source must be higher than 0.1%). If the calibration of the instrument is abnormal (cannot be calibrated), or the calibration is normal but the channel measurement is still abnormal, please contact the relevant technical personnel of the manufacturer as soon as possible.
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