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    Tips of Operating Paperless Recorder

    At present, with the acceleration of the process of industrial control automation, especially for industry, paperless recorder becomes a necessary tool. According to the change value recorded by the paperless recorder, it can reflect the temperature and humidity changes in the storage, production, transportation and other processes at any time, and through professional PC analysis software, it will help enterprises to conduct more scientific and effective management, analysis, and induction, which greatly improves the work process and efficiency. Meanwhile, as the technology has developed, paperless recorder has expanded its functions, among which fields of use continue to expand, such as heat treatment, water treatment, food, power plants, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industrial field industries.

    • For avoiding electric shock, before opening the paperless recorder, make sure to perform grounding protection.
    • Make sure if the voltage of the instrument power supply is consistent with the voltage of the power supply, before opening the paperless reorder.
    • Do not cut off the external and internal ground protection while using it, otherwise, it will invalidate the protection action of the instrument and put the user in a dangerous state.
    • Do not operate paperless recorder in places with flammable gas, explosive gas or steam, it will be very dangerous to use it in those situations.
    • As part of instrument is high pressure, do not remove the front panel of the recorder, if you are not the professional repair personnel.
    • Please connect the meter to the measuring object or external control circuit after grounding protection.
    • Please follow the synopsis of paperless recorder strictly to operate it to prevent the damage of instrument.
    • Paperless recorder has many plastic parts, clean it with soft dishcloth. Make sure not use benzene, banana water, avoid discoloration or deformation.
    • Do not allow live products to approach the signal terminals of the paperless recorder.
    • Do not let paperless recorder get impacted from external force.
    • If you find recorder has smoke, abnormal noises, smells, etc. please cut off the power supply immediately, also contact the supplier or product after-sales service in time.
    • To ensure the meter measurement is working properly, warm the machine up for 30mins before using.
    • Storage media is precision products, please use it cautiously.
    • Except plug and unplug the storage media, make sure the operation cover is closed while operating. Storage media and USB interface need to reduce the contact with dust to be protected.
    • Please pay attention to electrostatic protection while using USB flash disk and SD card.
    • When using storage media in high temperature environment, please insert the storage media when saving data, take it out after saving the data, and don’t insert it on the meter for a long time. Please remove the storage media before switching the power on/off.
    • For general use precautions of storage media, please refer to the instruction manual that comes with the storage media used.
    • When disassembling and adjusting the meter, the original position should be recorded for restoration.
    • It is necessary for the printed circuit to use a multimeter to test whether the points are smooth, because the main fault in this cause is the corrosion of the copper foil.

    tips of operating paperless recorder

    • When using the multimeter ohm block, remember not to perform live measurement.
    • When repairing precision paperless recorders, if small parts are accidentally bounced off, magnet scanning and line-of-sight scanning can be used to find them.
    • When detecting the filter capacitor in the power supply, you should first short-circuit the positive and negative electrodes of the electrolytic capacitor, and do not use the meter pen to replace the lead to discharge the capacitor during the short circuit, because it will easily burn the core wire. You can take a 220V, 60-100W lamp with a lamp cap and connect it to both ends of the capacitor. The bulb will flash at the moment of discharge.
    • When checking internal circuit of paperless recorder, if the contact points of mounting component and the circuit board are coated with insulating varnish, ordinary hand-stitched needles can be welded to the test pen of the multimeter when measuring the parameters of each point, so as to pierce the paint layer and directly measure each point without removing the paint layer in a large area.
    • Do not plug and unplug each control board and plugs. In the case of power-on, plugging and unplugging the control board will generate a strong induced force. At this time, the instantaneous counter-attack voltage is very high, which can easily damage the corresponding control board and plug.
    • While using a logic pen or oscilloscope to detect signals, be careful not to make the probe touch the two measurement pins at the same time to form a short circuit.
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