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    Working Principle & Applications of Power Regulator

    A power regulator is a panel-mounted power adjustment unit that uses a thyristor (also called Silicon Controlled Rectifier or SCR) and its trigger control circuit to adjust the load power. Thanks for its small size, high efficiency and durable service life, it is widely used in AC and DC motor speed control system, power control system, follow-up system, temperature control and many other sectors. SCR power regulator works by means of an intelligent digital control circuit. Its precise control of voltage, current and power makes for precise temperature control. And its advanced digital control algorithm greatly improves energy efficiency, which highlights its important role in saving electric energy. Power regulators are becoming an indispensable equipment in the automation industry.

    Power Regulator Price List

    Power regulator is based on SCR (thyristor) and its trigger control circuit. It is a power controller unit for adjusting load power and controlling temperature. In addition, it is also used to limit electrical power and prevent circuits overload. ATO power regulators use linear phase shift control circuit, rated voltage is 380V, input is 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire, control signal is 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, built-in over-current protection function. Please select according to the required rated current or rated power.

    ATO SCR Power Regulator/Controller