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    Power Regulator Price List

    Power regulator is based on SCR (thyristor) and its trigger control circuit. It is a power controller unit for adjusting load power and controlling temperature. In addition, it is also used to limit electrical power and prevent circuits overload. ATO power regulators use linear phase shift control circuit, rated voltage is 380V, input is 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire, control signal is 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, built-in over-current protection function. Please select according to the required rated current or rated power.

    ATO SCR Power Regulator

    Power Regulator Price List

    Product Name SKU Input Protection Rated Current/Power Price
    3 Phase 3-Wire SCR Power Regulator ATO-PRG-3320 3-Phase 3-Wire fast fuse 20A $158.46
    40A $164.61
    75A $176.92
    90A $189.23
    4-Wire 3-Phase SCR Power Regulator ATO-PRG-4340 3-phase 4-wire fast fuse   40A $240.62
    75A  $269.77
    90A  $306.04
    120A  $332.18
    Thyristor Power Regulator, 3 Phase 3 Wires ATO-PRG-3370 3-phase 3-wire Auto-protection for over temperature 75A $169.38
    90A $425.38
    120A $416.76
    150A $462.30
    200A $554.30
    250A $600.15
    Built in fast fuse 120A $495.84
    150A $511.23
    200A $546.30
    250A $605.07
    3 Phase 4 Wires SCR Power Controller, 6/9/12/24kW ATO-PRG-KW 3-phase 4-wire - 6kW $181.78
    9kW $194.09
    12kW $212.24
    24kW $221.47


    1. SCR is high current product, please be sure to lock the (R.S.T) and (U.V.W) terminals, otherwise the terminals will heat up and the SCR will burn out.
    2. Applicable load: constant impedance electric wire, IR far infrared, UV lamp, etc.
    3. SCR has a built-in fast fuse for over current and short circuit protection. If the fuse is blown due to overcurrent, first check the load for faults such as short circuit and partial discharge. After troubleshooting, open the panel and replace it. Be sure to replace it with fuse of the same specification. Be careful not to increase amperage of the fuse at will.
    4. When temperature of the heat sink exceeds 75℃, the module will automatically protect and stop working. At this time, only the power indicator LED is on.

    Application of SCR Power Regulator

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