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    Line Reactor vs. Filter

    Different nature

    In a filter circuit, capacitors, inductors, and resistors make up filters. To obtain a given frequency of the power signal or to get rid of a specific frequency after the power signal, the filter might be an efficient filtering of that frequency or a frequency different from it in the power line.

    Inductors are another name for reactors. All electrical conductors that can carry current have inductance in the broad sense because when a conductor is energized, it produces a magnetic field within a specific range of the space it occupys.

    Reactor Troubleshooting

    The reactor has the function of passing DC and resisting AC in the circuit. When an unsteady current flows through a conductor, a changing magnetic field will be generated, which will in turn affect the current, so any conductor will have a self-inductance phenomenon. Reactors are widely used in the system. Based on years of operating experience, the author introduces several common faults and their solutions.