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    What are the Types of Rebar Cutters?

    The rebar cutter, also known as steel bar cutter, is a tool used to cut steel bars and is indispensable mechanical equipment in the construction industry. These machines are designed to accurately and efficiently cut steel bars into desired lengths. In the past, manual cutting was the only option, but with the advent of rebar cutters, the process has become much easier and quicker. Now, ATO will briefly analyze the structure and working principle of the above rebar cutters for you. 

    How to Operate and Maintain a Rebar Cutter?

    Science and technology are progressing, and the times are progressing. From people's daily life to industrial production, science and technology are indispensable both inside and outside. Nowadays, rebars are indispensable materials in bridges, other buildings and large-scale projects. Correspondingly, when workers operate, they will inevitably use some rebar processing machinery and equipment to straighten and cut off, which is our commonly used rebar cutter. Today, ATO industrial automation will take you to know the correct use method and maintenance tips of rebar cutter.