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    Difference between Ultrasonic Distance Sensor and Infrared Sensor

    With the development of science and technology such as electronic computers, production automation, modern information, military, transportation, chemistry, environmental protection, energy, marine development, remote sensing, and aerospace, the demand for sensors is increasing day by day, and their application fields have penetrated into various industries and in people's daily cultural life. Selecting sensors in these applications can be challenging for any project.

    What are the Types of Distance Sensor?

    A distance sensor is a sensor that uses ultrasonic waves or lasers to measure the distance of an object. It is mainly used to measure the time-varying law of the position of a moving object. It can be used to complete a variety of kinematics and dynamics measurements. A device that measures the distance displacement from the sensor to the object by detecting the amount of physical change of the object using various elements, and converting the amount of change into distance.