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    How to Test Vacuum Contactors?

    The vacuum contactor is a switch driven by an electromagnet. Its function is to connect and disconnect the moving contacts and static contacts of the electrical equipment circuit, so as to realize the function of frequently connecting and cutting off the normal working current. It is used in switching break and control circuit. Vacuum contactors can be widely used in industries, power plants, mining, ports and other industries. In order to prove the quality of the vacuum contactor, we can test the vacuum contactor by different methods, and then we will introduce several testing methods for you in detail.

    Vacuum Contactor vs. Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    Vacuum contactor is a device that can withstand multiple operations (strong mechanical life). It can cut off the load current at the same time, but can not break the short-circuit current. The vacuum contactor has two contacts, normally open and normally closed, and does not have the function of short-circuit current protection. When a given signal is received, it can perform separation and hold actions. Analogus to ordinary home circuit, VCB is like a circuit breaker at home inside a panel and VC is a relay in our any of instruments at home.