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    Centrifuge Machine Troubleshooting

    Centrifuge machines are widely used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and chemistry for separating and purifying different substances. They play a crucial role in laboratory experiments and production processes. However, like any other machinery, centrifuge machines may experience malfunctions that can hinder their performance and efficiency. Troubleshooting these issues is essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental results and the quality of production. This blog ATO will discuss some common centrifuge machine issues and their possible solutions. 

    4000 rmp digital centrifuge machine

    The motor cannot start

    1. If the main power indicator light is on, check the degree of wear of the carbon brushes. If the wear exceeds one-third of the total amount, replace the carbon brushes in time.
    2. If the main power indicator light is not on, check whether the indicator light fuse and the indoor distribution board fuse are blown. At the same time, check whether the power cord is well connected. If the fuse is blown, replace the fuse and ensure the circuit is unobstructed.
    3. The vacuum pump meter and oil pressure indicator value should also be checked. If the oil pressure is too high and the main unit still cannot start, it is necessary to check whether each oil circuit is blocked, especially whether the throttling hole is unobstructed. If it is not unobstructed, clean it to make it unobstructed.
    4. If the bearing is damaged or the rotation is obstructed, the bearing is lack oil, or there is too much dirt inside the bearing causing increased frictional resistance, the motor cannot reach the rated speed. It is necessary to clean or replace the bearing in time.
    5. If there is a layer of oxide on the surface of the commutator, or even if it is burned unevenly or the brush does not match the outer edge of the commutator, the speed can also decrease. Clean the commutator and brush to ensure good contact.
    6. If there is a short circuit or open circuit in the rotor coil, it can be checked with a multimeter and rewound. During the use of the rotor, centrifuge tube rupture, sample leakage, and rotor damage may occur due to metal fatigue, overspeed, overstress, chemical corrosion, improper selection, unbalanced rotating head during use, and temperature control failure.

    For the above situations, the operator is required to be proficient in the operation procedures, correctly select suitable centrifuge tubes and centrifuge rotors, strictly control each step of the operation, try to minimize unnecessary human damage, and use the rotor within the safety factor and guarantee period.

    Power supply issues

    1. One of the reasons for the poor cooling effect and failure to start the freezer is a power failure. Similar to motor failure, the power source and fuses should be checked separately.
    2. Low voltage and faulty safety devices can also cause the freezer to fail to start. Low voltage may be due to low grid voltage, too much distribution board wiring, long power cables (ideal length is 3 meters), etc. Insufficient capacity of the power cable not only lowers the voltage but also causes accidents. When the power voltage drops to 180-190VJ, the freezer cannot start, affecting the cooling effect.
    3. Poor ventilation performance, such as installing the instrument in a location with direct sunlight or poor ventilation, poor radiator effect, or the radiator cover being full of dust, can also affect the cooling effect.
    4. Uneven weight of the centrifuge tubes, asymmetrical placement, foreign objects in the rotor hole causing unbalanced loads, loose fixing nuts at the upper end of the shaft, shaft friction or bending, motor rotor not in the magnetic field center causing noise, rotor damage, etc., can cause severe vibration and abnormal noise.

    Most of the above reasons are caused by incorrect operation, and after finding out the cause, the correct operation can eliminate the abnormal phenomenon. In the process of work, if any abnormal phenomenon occurs, it should be stopped immediately, and it should not be forced to operate, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

    In conclusion, centrifuge machines are essential equipment in many industries, and it is crucial to keep them in good working condition to ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental results and production quality. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting of common issues can help avoid potential damage and prolong the lifespan of the machine. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and seek professional help if necessary. 

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