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    RS-232/ RS-485 to RS-485 Hub, 4 Ports

    SKU: ATO-UT-5204
    RS-232/ RS-485 to RS-485 hub with 4 ports, twisted-pair or shielded cable transmission media, 0-5000m (115200-300bps) transmission distance, 300bps-115.2kbps baud rate. It is widely used in highway toll systems, road monitoring systems and power acquisition systems.

    Single Mode Fiber Converter

    SKU: ATO-UT-2577SM
    Economical price single mode RS232/ RS485/ RS422 to fiber converter with 20000m/ 40000m (single mode), the single mode fiber converter supports point to point or loop circuit (point to multi point) connection, also supports 2 bits (half-duplex) & 4 bits (full-duplex) RS485 operating mode. The fiber converter single mode has the advantages of high isolation voltage, anti-electromagnetic interference, and anti-lightning strike.

    USB to RS485 Converter

    SKU: ATO-UT-890A
    USB to RS485 converter at affordable price, 0.5m/ 1.5m/ 3m length can be chosen, asynchronous, point to point or point to multi-point, 2 wires half-duplex or 4 wires full-duplex working modes, USB-A male, DB9 male connector. Its advantage is that it supports hot swap, plug and play, and fast transmission speed.

    Data Transfer Unit, Strong Diffraction/Penetrability

    Data transfer unit is data transceiver using advanced ultra-narrowband modulation technology. Built-in PA and LNA, transmission power is 500mW/2W/5W for selection, transmission distance can be up to 15km. It uses 230MHz frequency band, with excellent penetrability and diffraction capabilities, provides real-time, reliable, and low-cost data transmission functions.

    HMI Touch Screen, 10 Inch, 1024 x 600

    SKU: ATO-HMI-10
    Cheap HMI 10 inch for sale, Human Machine Interface 1024 x 600 pixels, bright touch screen, TFT LCD display, good quality HMI touch screen widely used in industrial automation, manufacturer direct sales.

    Mini Fanless Industrial PC, Celeron J3160, Linux/Win 7

    SKU: ATO-IPC-J3160LW
    Economic price industrial PC with mini size, fanless design. Onboard Intel Celeron J3160 CPU quad core, usable system Linux/Windows 7/Windows 10, RAM Slot DDR3L 1600MHz SODIMM, max 8GB, I/O interface 4*Intel 1000M LAN, 1*RJ45 COM, 2*HDMI. Industrial computer operates at DC 12V input voltage, embedded mounting.

    Programmable Logic Controller, 16/20/32/40/48/64/80 I/O

    High-performance PLC has large program capacity (30k steps) and data registers (12k words), with 16/20/32/40/48/64/80 I/O points, relay or transistor output, two differential output available in DVP32EH00M3/MT and 4 axes of 200kHz pulse output in DVP40/48/64/80EH00T3. This series of programmable logic controller features excellent motion control, complete program protection, and flexible function extension modules & cards, best for more demanding and complex applications.

    RS232 to RS485 Converter

    SKU: ATO-UT-2017
    RS232 to RS485 converter with cheap price, which with RS-232 DB9 female, RS-485 DB9 male two connectors, transmission rate 38400bps to 300m/ 9600bps to 1.2km. It is generally used in mechanical control systems, access control systems, industrial automation, industrial control, security monitoring, equipment debugging, upgrades, etc.

    RS-232/ RS-485 to RS-485 Hub, 8 Ports

    SKU: ATO-UT-1208
    Cost-effective RS-232/ RS-485 to RS-485 hub with 8 ports, 300-115.2Kbps baud rate, asynchronous half-duplex operating mode, terminal block connector, 5000m (9600bps) transmission distance. It is widely used in highway toll system, traffic monitoring system and power system.

    Serial to Fiber Converter

    SKU: ATO-UT-2788SM
    High performance serial to fiber converter supports RS-232 asynchronous protocol, the fiber converter with transmission rate 460 kbps, supports maser-slave mode, transmission distance 4000m (multimode mode), 20000m (single mode), operating wavelength 1310 nm. The fiber optic converter is suitable for power system automation, traffic control and other departments.

    USB/ RS232 to CANBUS Converter

    SKU: ATO-UT-8251A
    USB/ RS232 to CANBUS converter with cheap price, which supports bi-directional data transfer between CAN-bus and USB/RS-232, features operating voltage 12-36V DC/USB power supply, air 8kV, contact 6kV electrostatic protection. It is widely used in industrial control and data communication system.

    8 Port Full Gigabit Unmanaged Industrial Switch, Din Rail

    SKU: ATO-ES-GE2208G
    Best 8-port 10/100/1000Base-T full Gigabit Ethernet switch, with dual 12/24/48 VDC redundant power inputs, Din rail mounting and high-level EMC capability, 10/100/1000 self-adaption, full/half duplex, MDI/MDIX auto connection, IP40 rated metal housing and built-in relay warning function.

    Mini Fanless Industrial PC, Celeron J1900, Linux/Win 7

    SKU: ATO-IPC-J1900LW
    Fanless industrial PC with ideal price. CPU onboard Intel Celeron J1900 quad core, 1.99GHz,TDP: 10W, system Linux/Windows 7/Windows 10, supports DDR3L 1333/1600MHz SODIMM RAM slot, max turbo 8GB, I/O interface 6*COM, 2*1000M LAN, input voltage DC 12V. Industrial computer has mini size, embedded mounting.

    Multimode Fiber Converter

    SKU: ATO-UT-2077
    Lower cost multimode fiber converter for sales online. The multimode converter supports point-to-point or loop(point-to-multipoint) connection, multi-mode working distance 2km, supports RS232 asynchronous communication protocol, which with baud rate 300-115.2 kbps.

    PLC Motion Controller, 3-Axis/4-Axis

    PLC motion controller PM series can execute basic instructions, applied instructions, motion instructions with program capacity up to 64k steps and data register 10k words, offering 4-axis linear interpolation or 3-axis linear/arc/helical interpolation (based on models). Different models of motion controllers support different program frameworks and functions, to suit your different applications.

    USB to RS485 Converter, Two-way Conversion

    SKU: ATO-UT-2201
    USB to RS485 converter with RS-232 DB9 female, RS-485 DB9 male connector/ terminal block two kinds of connectors, transmission distance 1200m for RS-485, 5m for RS-232. Its advantage is that it supports hot swap, plug and play, and fast transmission speed.

    Mini Fanless Industrial PC, Core i3 i5, Linux/Win 7/Win 10

    SKU: ATO-IPC-i35
    Mini industrial PC has fanless design, good price. Optional CPU Intel Core i3 7100U/ i5 7200U dual core quad threading, supports system Linux/Windows 7/Windows 10, DDR4 1866/2133 MHz SODIMM RAM slot, max 16GB, I/O port COM*2, RJ45 LAN*2. Industrial computer embedded mounting, works at voltage DC 12V.

    USB to RS485 Converter, 2 Port

    SKU: ATO-UT-502
    2 port USB to RS485 converter with 300bps-115.2Kbps baud rate, 5000m (9600bps) transmission distance, rated power 9-30VDC/ 350mA, DB9 female to 10-pin terminal block connector. It is generally used in mechanical control systems, access control systems, industrial automation, industrial control, security monitoring, equipment debugging, upgrades, etc.

    8 Port Managed Industrial Switch, 10/100M, Din Rail

    SKU: ATO-ES-EN6208
    Favorable price 8-ports 10/100Mbps Ethernet managed switch, rugged din-rail mounted Layer 2 industrial Ring switch, optional 100M electric port + 100M fibre optical port, dual 12v 24v dc power input, support multiple management modes such as Console and Web, power-down alarm makes the use more assured.

    Fanless Industrial PC, Core i5 i7, Linux/Win 7/Win 10

    SKU: ATO-IPC-Ci5i7LW
    ATO fanless industrial PC supports Linux/Windows 7/Windows 10 system. CPU Intel Celeron 3865U/ Core i5 7200U/ i7 7500U for selection, RAM slot DDR4 1866/2133 SODIMM, max 16GB, I/O interface supports Intel 1000M LAN*2, COM*4, working voltage DC 9~36V. Industrial computer uses fanless design and embedded mounting, factory price.