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    How Does a Combustible Gas Leak Detector Test for Butane Leaks?

    Combustible gas leak detectors are important safety equipment used to monitor combustible gas leaks in the environment and ensure the safety of workplaces and public areas. Combustible gas leak detectors use a variety of sensing technologies to detect gas leaks and are designed to prevent fire and explosion incidents. The following is ATO store provides you with how to use a combustible gas leak detector to detect butane.

    Combustible gas leak detectors work based on different types of sensing technologies, including thermal conductivity sensors, semiconductor sensors, and infrared sensors. Combustible gas leak detectors can generally be used to detect a variety of combustible gases. The method of detecting butane is similar to that of detecting other combustible gases.

    Steps for Usage

    • Press and hold the power button for 3 sec to start up the combustible gas leak detector. When the completion of countdown, release the button.
    • Meanwhile the LED alarm lights flash and the beeper sounds, and the detector starts vibrating if the built in pump has been turned on ahead.
    • The combustible gas leak detector screen displays Welcome, the combustible gas leak detector will enter the self-test mode, and the combustible gas leak detector will have a warm-up process of about 1 minute. This is to ensure that the combustible gas leak detector's sensor is fully activated. After the countdown is over, the detection mode is entered directly, and the combustible gas leak detector is successfully turned on.

    Combustible gas leak detector startup

    Function Display

    • In standard operation, the LCD of the combustible gas leak detector will provide some information, which contains 3 parts. There are some function icons on top of the screen.
    • In the middle section, the concentration readings of 4 gas types are displayed simultaneously. Under each gas type, its measurement unit can be seen.
    • A return arrow and another function icon at the bottom, specifically for checking the alarm function. Combustible gas leak detectors operate in pumped and diffusion gas detection modes.

    Combustible gas leak detector detail

    The pump inlet is located at the top and is combined with the filter. Always make sure the filter opening is clean and free of dust.

    Test Out the Pumped Mode

    Let some butane flow out of the lighter and into the filter. The display shows increases and decreases in gas concentration below O2 and explosive gases. Once any measurement result is higher or lower than the preset alarm value, the gas leak detector simultaneously activates vibration, sound, and flashing visual alarms.

    In addition, the alarm will also flash for gas types that fall within the abnormal range. So it works pretty well, and the response time is impressively fast.

    Combustible gas leak detector testing


    Then try diffusion mode with some butane. Although not as sensitive as the pumping mode for detecting explosive gases, the diffusion mode is still effective. Once the measured value exceeds the set alarm limit, the combustible gas leak detector will immediately vibrate, glow, and sound to alert the user of the emergency.


    1. Normally, combustible gas leak detectors work in pump mode. But if the pump fails, then you can test it in diffusion mode.
    2. This dual-mode design provides users with greater measurement flexibility and more reliable protection.

    When using a combustible gas leak detector to detect butane or other combustible gases, users should operate according to the combustible gas leak detector's instructions and take appropriate safety measures as necessary to prevent potential fire or explosion risks. If you encounter any questions or troubles, please click to visit us. We at have a professional team to provide you with the best service.

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